Hrangaa Outpost

The planetoid hosting the outpost, and its two moons.

Hrang'aa Outpost is located in Peleunsk, a satellite galaxy of the Andromeda galaxy.  It orbits an active neutron star, and is a popular stopover for spacers leaving from, or arriving to the Andromeda galaxy.  It was founded in 45300 by members of the Zythyn race who saw the need to put such an outpost along an extremely busy intergalactic trade route.  Indeed, this is the last "large" stopover for cargo ships leaving the Andromeda galaxy.


The "planet" the Outpost is located in was destroyed in a tremendous supernova, which had sterilized the entire system as well.  The Zythyn carved the myriad tunnels and vast caverns the "cities" are located in, and designed proprietary technology to keep the oxygen-neon atmosphere they added from leaking out into space.  The atmosphere was chosen, because they concluded after study that this was a "universal" atmosphere for their location.  Soon after, it was attracting a clientele that included beings from all walks of life:  Hardened criminals, cargo pilots, explorers, even rare royalty.

Some visitors are from systems inside of the dwarf galaxy itself, and those beings tend to regale of life in their star systems to visitors from far-flung locations, and the view of the Andromeda galaxy from their home planet.

Life signals coming from Hrang'aa Outpost sometimes cannot be detected, because the signal the scanners on science vessels pick up fluctuates massively due to visitors constantly arriving and leaving the outpost, not giving a consistent signal.

Power Generation

The entire outpost derives its power from the molten 5KM-in-diameter core of the planetoid.  As such, anywhere within 10KM of the core is off-limits, except for specially-qualified personnel who are paid handsomely.  it is estimated the core generates up to 67 petawatts of power, enough to keep the entire outpost running for millennia to come, and also heats the outpost; excess heat is vented off into space.  Most power is used by ship manufacturers that have set up shop here, mostly small outfits.


Visitors are warned that under no circumstance should they EVER approach the neutron star, as it is active and the debris in the accretion disc can destroy a ship in seconds.  That and the radiation will kill you if the debris doesn't.  Also, visitors are cautioned that they are on their own if they set up shop on one of the other planetoids in the system, as security forces do not respond elsewhere.  It is highly discouraged not to do so however, since simple glass domes will not protect you from the neutron star's outbursts.


Planetoid from resource

The view of the outpost from a mining platform located on the largest asteroid moon.

The two asteroid moons that had survived the supernova are now used for raw mineral mining.  A large mining outposts exists on the larger of the two, and it mines precious metals found in the moon.  They ship the freshly-mined ore to Hrang'aa Outpost for use in various products.  The smaller moon has a small mining outfit of no more than 5 workers, and is strictly monitored, as this metallic asteroid is the source of the metal used in the "currency cards" that are utilized in the Outpost.  It also has a vast storage cavern, where millions of the cards are stored.  

It is protected by security forces, and anyone attempting to break in is arrested, and sent to labor in the mines on the larger asteroid for a period of 10 Earth years.

Other Planetoids


The outpost, the largest moon, and the neutron star they orbit.

There are 6 other planetoids in-system, but these have little to no activity on or under their surface.  Most likely due to the difficulty of achieving something similar to the Outpost.  There is a very minor outpost on Planetoid 3 in a natural cave, but this is very sporadically visited and does not attract attention.

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