General Info

Huc is a hot J-class planet with the size similar to Uranus. It is the 1st planet in the Vamana system. It's atmosphere is comprised of 94.9% helium, 3.97% methane, and 0.567% nitrogen.

Scientists studying Huc discovered an unusual occurrence that takes place within its atmosphere. Random pockets of methane gas can ignite and create large explosions within the planet. These were first detected in 4212 when a probe flew into the system. It took high resolution scans and images of the planets, and their moons. A few months later, a Confederacy of Humanity colonist ship arrived at the star system and settled a base on Frigus, the most habitable planet in the star system. They haven't done anything much with Huc, but a few probes have been sent to it along with a manned flight. They also sent probes into the atmosphere, but it was found to be sterile.

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