The Human Alliance of Ambrosia (or the H.A.A), was a short lived sub government of the Confederacy of Borealis that loosely governed around one hundred star systems within the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy, from 10,265 CE to 10,465 CE.


The human alliance, much like its alien Etymology ancestor, had a troubled history to say the least. Nearly sixty percent of its people believed that their leaders were corrupt due to the increasing presence of corporations in the government. This lead to the formation of the True Alliance of Man, a contentious government founded by Farda Yckar in 10,388 CE, thus igniting the First Alliance War.

During the war, both sides were attacked by the Ugnara Kingdom in 10,457 CE. Realizing the dire threat the two factions joined together, forming one unified alliance to combat their greater shared foe, starting the Ugnara Wars. After the alliance's victory over the Ugnara, the two factions split, starting the Second Alliance War.

Searching for an advantaged over the True Alliance of Man, the Human Alliance offered the rebuilding Ugnara a seat within their government. The Ugnara accepted the offer, bringing with them their colonized bodies, economic resources, and military strength. After the Ugnara joined, the Human Alliance's leaders saw fit to change their name to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, in order to attract more intelligent species, ending the Human Alliance of Ambrosia.


Originally the Alliance's culture was centered around colonization. Almost the entirety of the job market was focused on exploration and colonization of star systems. The people had immense faith in the members of the Alliance's parliament due to their leaders focusing on the rights and well being of the people.

However, after the Alliance came to the Confederacy of Borealis for financial aid, the culture of the Alliance changed dramatically. From exploration to extreme consumerism and excess capitalism, the government of the Alliance pushed consumer goods to the people. This angered more then half of the Alliance's people causing rebellion across the Alliance.

Once the True Alliance of Man was founded, the majority of the people joined, since they held the old ideals of the Human Alliance. Those who remained were extreme loyalists, believing that the Alliance was the greatest government in the known Universe. This benefited the Human Alliance's military, their soldiers were willing to give up everything to defend the Alliance.

It remained as such until the Ugnara attacked the Alliance. The entire culture seemed to change over night, it went from isolated consumerism to a brotherhood of camaraderie. After the Ugnara Wars, and the Human Alliance transited to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, the culture of the worlds once controlled by the Human Alliance remained mostly the same.


During it's early history, the Alliance of Humanity barely had any military force. Having the complete trust of their people, they saw very little need to have strong military presence.

However, after the True Alliance of Man was founded the Human Alliance was caught complete unprepared. The True Alliance of Man had fifty times the man power and military technology then the Human Alliance had. Facing curtain defeat, the corporations of the Confederacy came to the Alliance for military aid, for a hefty price tag. Accepting the offer of assistance of the Corporate prescience, the Human Alliance had a technologically superior military than the True Alliance.

However, the Human Alliance had an extremely immense unplayable debt. A debt that the Human Alliance's successor, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, refused to pay. The Human Alliance had an average interstellar military, powerful enough to defend itself, but not powerful enough to attack a late Type two civilization, or a Type three Civilization. However, it was certainly not worth the expenses. Its successor, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, had a much more powerful military.


The Human Alliance of Ambrosia's early government functioned as a democratic republic, meaning that almost all polices put forth by the government needed to be voted upon by the public. This gave the government the full trust of it's people, government leaders and civilians lived in a symbiotic relationship.

Unfortunately, this all changed when some of Humanity's biggest corporations industrialized many colonized worlds and became involved in the government. The democratic aspects of the Alliance faded out over time, it later became an extreme capitalist society.

After the Ugnara Wars and the Human Alliance transited to the Ambrosia Alliance, the colonized systems changed from a capitalist government to a democratic republic once again.


On Januray 1st 10,265 CE the colonists of the Ambrosia Traveler arrived on planet Haven of the Hope System. Once there, the people of Haven, wanting to have their own identity separate from the Confederacy, opted to have their own state while still under the protection of the Confederacy. With the Confederacy's blessing, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia was founded on Planet Haven in January 8th 10,265 CE by Lakarda Lakvan, then Chairman of Ambrosia Galactic Colonization on behalf of the Confederacy of Humanity.

In its early history, the Alliance was a peaceful nation. After the construction of massive cities on planet Haven the Human Alliance focused all of their efforts on colonizing nearby star systems. However, in 10,334 CE the Alliance hit an economic disaster due to their resources and population being stretched too thin across the colonized systems.

Looking for aid, the Alliance's leaders went to the Confederacy for help. The Confederacy offered financial aid if the Alliance would up their corporate presence. This deal meant that Alliance colonized worlds would be manufacturing grounds for some of humanity's biggest corporations, as well the corporations would have a seat in within the Parliament.

Seeing the economic opportunities, they took the offer and corporations immediately set off to start their new enterprise. for the next fifty four years, the corporations gained more and more power over the government. This lead to small rebel groups forming on a majority of Alliance controlled worlds, excluding Haven. This eventually lead to a man named Farda Yckar, an extreme political idealist uniting the rebel groups under one banner on 10,388 CE. This new group named the True Alliance of Man gained impressive ground.

In just seven years, they took control of thirty four Alliance controlled systems, and the majority support of the public. Throughout the war, the Alliance barely gained any ground, while the True Alliance was winning almost every battle fought by the two sides. The Confederacy provided only minimal support due to it not being worth the financial burden. It seemed like defeat was imminent, until the Ugnara of planet Urgutu attacked both sides, devastating the two warring factions. The Uganra destroyed many major cites across both sides' systems. Realizing the dire situation they were in, the two sides signed a temporary truce.

Once the two factions joined forces, they were able to beat back the Ugnara to their home world. After their victory, they broke apart once again. Seeing an advantage over the the True Alliance the Alliance offered the Ugnara a place within their Parliament. The Ugnara accepted the offer and the Alliance, wanting to attract more intelligent species, renamed their government the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, ending the Human Alliance of Ambrosia.

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