"If I were to describe Humans in a few short words, I would call them brave, aggressive, compassionate, and clever. There is never a time in my life in which I saw a Human fill out these attributes. It does not necessarily make Humans bad, either. I would say that without Humans, we would not be as hardy as we are today." -Kryrono-Lomir, remarking about Humans as a species.


Humans (Also called Homo Sapiens Sapiens) are a species of highly intelligent primates, originating from the planet Earth. Humans are primarily located in the Milky Way, and are rather broad and separated in the Local Group. Humans are most commonly known for their expansionist and risk-taking attitude, which has propelled them to garner a lot of influence in the intergalactic stage. Compared to other species, Humans are very much more hostile and resilient, which has made many Humans enlist in the military. Many species were known to be intimidated or avoidant of Humans, since they are fairly war-like. However, this has changed since Humans established the Lactean Confederacy, which soon became the Confederacy of Borealis. Primarily existing in the CoB's grasp, Humans have since taken many administrative positions, and have used their innate sense of teamwork and responsibility to undertake complex issues.

With a history of deep conflict and horrendous war, Humans have since sculpted themselves into loving and caring organisms, which have since evolved to cater to other people instead of themselves. Over many millennia, Human sub-species have also originated, which accelerated the effect of peacefulness. The massive presence of Humans in the Milky Way has also made many of them contribute to foreign species, by sharing cultures and cataloging many stories form ages past. Humans are actually known to be some of the most successful historians, with their deep risk-taking personality.

A very notable feature to Humans is their sense of teamwork, which has accelerated their gains all across their territory. Human teamwork has even leaked to other species mindsets, such as Zythyns. Zythyns have been very cooperative to Humans since they discovered each other, as have other species. This has let Humans share their technology, culture, scriptures, and literature all around. As humans have expanded, they've found that they can't just rely on their own strength alone; therefore, cooperation with other species has become necessary. Cooperation has allowed Humans to expand further than any other race in the Local Group.



Humanoid Species

Name Description Unique Features Place of Origin
Homo Sapiens Homo Sapiens are the original and most baseline species of Humans, with little to no modifications to their old forms. Ever since the 21st to 22nd centuries, Human evolution has mostly stopped for Homo Sapiens. However, CRISPR and other technologies have allowed for Humans to modify themselves into separate species and sub-species. Homo Sapiens are some of the most adaptable species of Humans, as they can acclimate to many temperate environments. Earth
Homo Sapiens Sapiens Homo Sapiens Sapiens are the modern-day version of baseline Humans, which exist all around the Local Group and are centered on Earth. The extra Sapiens in the scientific name alludes to the progression of Humanity since the dawn of spaceflight. Homo Sapiens Sapiens have been gifted with modern-day technology, making them able to do countless feats that the old Homo Sapiens could not. Local Group
Aqua Sapiens Aqua Sapiens (also called Hydrosapiens) are a species of Human which relate to those with aquatic features. Usual features such as webbed fingers, toes, increased lung capacity, and transparent eyelids show up all around Aqua Sapiens. Their existence is dedicated to various CRISPR technologies, and it has allowed Aqua Sapiens to live underwater with ease. Aqua Sapiens are much more acclimated to oceanic climates. As a result, they can easily be sent to oceanic colonies to start rapid growth. Aquana
Lapis Sapiens Lapis Sapiens are a species of Human which are acclimated to life underground, or on more barren planets. Lapis Sapiens come in a variety of combinations, but the most notable ones include Lapis Fortes Sapiens and Lapis Sericum Sapiens. Lapis Fortes Sapiens refer to strong, bulky Humans with an increased muscle capacity and a denser muscle structure. Lapis Sericum Sapiens refer to those who reside on dark planets, and have developed rather undamaged skin from the lack of ultraviolet radiation. Lapis Sericum Sapiens are rather tall, since many dark planets happen to be low-gravity worlds. Lapis Sapiens and its subspecies are very acclimated to dark and rocky climates, which make them able to colonize darker and hardier worlds. Ganymede

Nations with significant Humans or Humanoid Populations

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