Humans are a bipedal species populating much of the Federations of United Star Systems, originating from the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Physical Description

Humanity flag

Official and International Flag of Humanity and the Human race

Humans originated on the planet Earth, humans are an sapient species of bipedal hominid. They have four limbs, which are two arms and two legs. Their arms have five digits called fingers which is useful for eating and fashioning tools. Humans are also known to be advanced tool users. They rose to become the dominant species of Earth many millennia ago, spreading out from the African continent to inhabit the rest of the world.

Thanks to advancement in medicine, the average lifespan of a human could now be considered practically immortal. The two main causes of human death are accidents and murders.

Humans have come far and then they started their colonization of the universe starting with Luna. For hundreds of years, they have colonized and terraformed several planets in the Sol System, and many other star systems. Humanity has since branched to the stars, and is the epicenter of the FUSS. The FUSS is also a member-nation of an alliance known as the Confederacy of Borealis.


However, because of their colonization of many different planets, the form humans now take have altered wildly, so much so that there are some humans who have altered their DNA so that they can live in certain alien environments. As such, Human is now a much broader statement. Most now prefer to be called by alternate names. For example, Humans from Earth prefer to be called Terrans, those from Mars Martians, those from Terranova Novans, etc.

On and around these planets, there varying species of Human, usually called Exo-Humans or Transhumans. These Humans have wildly different body attributes, especially after 200 millenia of selective breeding for survival in their environment. Most species of human hold similar body shape and proportions, but are differentiated by their numerous traits. Some humans on oceanic worlds may have webbed fingers and feet, as well as more agile bodies for example.


Human culture is hard to pin down, considering the fact that humans inhabit most of the Milky Way as well as many other galaxies. However, the Sol System is held in high regard to nearly every Human, as it is the birthplace of Humanity. Many humans across the FUSS have also visited Earth at least once in their life.

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