Humans is only mammals specie that live in heriam galaxy until (Kingdom of savarah) found Earth in 1,016 BCE (Greek era)



50,132+ BCE

-0.17 yrs (2 month) The aliens of Saiya empire are searching for intelligent animals that have correct property to some experiment across the universe (about 75 billions ly in radius). They found match one it's human species. So they abducted some humans back to Saiya empire. When they arrive but the laboratory is not ready. So they stuff their subject to set the laboratory. It takes 2 lunar months to complete laboratory and they start experimenting. But  empire raid Saiya empire and destroy their laboratory. So they drop the subject on abandoned planet to hide the secret. 

+0 yrs 111 humans settle on planet they(humans) call Nilh-elm(home land) but still living like stone age. 

+100±15 yrs genetic change appear (new hair color tint). It also appear 43.8% .

+9,535 yrs Human population is ~100,000 and they trying to understand alien technology in the ruins. And they start using animals power.

+11,000 yrs First city builded.

+11,200 yrs passed stone age into bronze age.

+11,400 yrs passed bronze age into iron age.

+11,500 yrs Human population is ~ 150,000 and they understand 15% of alien technology and start slavery system and passed iron age into industry age.

+11,580 yrs First war occur.

+11,800 yrs They discovered 80% of total landmass. And human population is ~ 200,000

+11,850 yrs They understand 23% of alien technology and they builded a first satellite so they can make a whole planet map.

+11,953 yrs They make computer fast as 2020 CE on earth and 8 manometer processer technology. 

+11,963 yrs First humans walk on their moon and build a moon base.

Δ Expanding age

38,169+ BCE 

+1 yrs Hydrogen fuel replaced all of fossil energy due to environment friendlier. And they use 100% of renewable energy to power their planet. 

+3 yrs Human population is 531,368±5. And name of their state is Nilh-elm. And they develop 4 manometer processer technology 

+5 yrs They develop travel technology like hyper loop.

+14 yrs First humans walk on another planet in their own solar system 

+40 yrs They discovered secret of warp drive in an ancient city ruin. And they start terraforming neighbors planet

+64 yrs First unmanned interstellar travel

+69 yrs Many companies selling interstellar travel tickets

+100 yrs Human population is 2,012,670±5. And average age is 150 yrs

+125 yrs Start colonizing nearby star in 20 light years radius 

~200 -- ~400 yrs Some people start secret terraforming. 

+440 yrs Ordinary people going to settle on terraformed planet and human population is 153,437,500±5.

+450 yrs They extended their colony to 150 light years radius. And aliens come to trade with them.

+1,065 yrs some explorer team stuck in another alien abandoned planet and they become first ancestors of Elf(H. Sapient longiauris). And human population is 8,001,035,600±5 total. And they understand 74% of alien technology.

+1,250 yrs Nilh-elm split in 2 state , 10 yrs later Nilh-elm(monocracy) collapse because a bad king. Separated state (Helith[people's authority])(democracy) come in to occupy collapsed Nilh-elm but not long. Helith collapse in to multiple small state because  Helmuth has very weak foundation. 

+1,252 -- 6,248 yrs Human rapidly expand scattering and population growing though the galaxy. And bring economy crisis to the nearby aliens' state because they shipping way is blocked. And sometimes war happen. 

+6,249 yrs Human population is 127.605 billions. And they understand 98% of alien technology. And emperor of Aevian(Infinity being) empire(democracy) start colonizing everything in 10,000 light years radius. And he bring chaotic destrcuction everywhere he go. The results of his expanding empire is 54.062(9.801 is humans) billions death. But aliens' economy is better because their shipping way unblocked.

+17,020 yrs There is slavery revolution to get rid of slaves in Aevian empire. But unsuccessful because Aevian empire is collapse while revolution. And human population Is 161.026 billions 

Δ First dark age

21,149+ BCE

+1 yrs After collapsed of Aevian empire. Humans are spreading out through the entire and neighbor major galaxies. 

+1.5 -- 4095 yrs At this time humans are rapidly growing almost reach 1 trillion. But this heavy spreading not effect economy so much. And about wars and conflict are similar to Earth in early civilizations to 1900 CE. 

+4096 yrs The terrorist create an Advanced zombie bacteria(act like zombies virus but it's bacteria). And place it on many many planets to cause a global galactic zombies apocalypse to mess up the government. The zombie bacteria mostly infect human(60%)  some animals and some aliens. After a few weeks crisis start most people turn into zombies. They almost wipes out many civilizations. After apocalypse start many aliens army help human army fighting zombies because aliens leader think the bacteria will infect their citizens. After fighting for a few lunar month they figure out that Zombie Apocalypse cause by advanced bacteria. So they study that bacteria and the solutions is bacteriophage. So they use that thing and burning entire planets method to kill every bits of zombies bacteria. And they found who create that bacteria. So they caught them while they are in vast space between galaxies and they punished by death. This event wipe out753.113(752.102 is humans) billions people. That ended some civilizations.

+4097 yrs After this major event. Humans remain for 249.124 billions and they are recovering their burned planet. Almost entire Heriam galaxy celebrate victory for defeating Zombie Apocalypse. 

+4097 -- 9,962 yrs Everything back to normal situation until 11,847 BCE. The Zemorase empire from Heriam's satellite galaxy raiding and occupy every states that try to defend in its way. So the remaining of state(colonies and empire) in the galaxy including human states reunite to defend themselves. And they can push back the Zemorase empire. That can occupy only 10% of the galaxy. After that war human colonies fulse together(not include elf's states) into an empire(Ligina-F'ka[Special defense to humanity] Empire). And human population is 15.4 trillions.

Δ The great empire age

11,847+ BCE

+3 yrs after Ligina-F'ka empire reunited the president announce to end all of slavery system and make everyone equally. And average human age is increase to 200 years. 

+3 -- 2555 yrs Lagina-F'ka empire is quite calm with economy competition. So the empire expand the trade station and place it on another galaxies. (the intergalactic economy event). In this time wars is less occur. And the empire become the richest state in the human history before 2020 BC

+2556 yrs Lagina-F'ka empire's heavy trade deficit occur it lost about 33.5% of its GDP. And Lagina-F'ka empire has trade deficit and also pull surrounding economy into crisis. Because Nilewiad empire of Nilemia galaxy has growing into larger economy size and sell to Lagina but not buy anything from. And human population is 36 trillions. 

+2,560 -- 6,003 yrs The president of Lagina-F'ka empire has solved the trade deficit. And recovery surroundings economies. And the empire is in normal status for a while.

+6,003 yrs The elf colonies are aggressive to Lagina-F'ka empire and try to eliminate that empire. And they know that empire has weak military because it spend most money on trading. So elves army start attack that empire. President of Lagina-F'ka empire doesn't know why elves army attack his empire. So he send his army to stop elves' incursion. But his army loss that battle. After that battle he send billions of soldiers millions of battleships and 100 billions of battledrones. But when the massive army arrive they don't detect anything but it's an elves' trick. So they noticed that later and elves army suddenly attack them. But elves' army cannot attack a massive drones amount so the loss the battle. After defeating elves army they celebrate. But elves still attack silently by filtrate in their planet. So no one noticed about silence attacking. 

+6,010 -- 6,011 yrs  After 7 years of silence attacking. Finally elves start disorder on thousands of planet. So the polices and soldiers busy to clearing disorder. In that time few billions of elves soldiers attack Latina-F'ka empire. The battle occur in interstellar space to avoid accidentally attack the planet. There are few million soldiers left so this is vulnerabilities that elves leader know so he send another massive(300 millions soldiers) army to attack capital planet. And few millions cannot compare to 300 millions. And elves army can occupy the capital. After they occupied the capital elf leader withdrawal all the army and stationed around the capital. After elves completely occupied capital Lagina armies straight to the capital to occupy back. Many elve armies are coming to reinforce main army on capital. When Lagina armies arrive the heavy battle began. While the battle is occurring another elves that filtrated in many planet declare separates from the Lagina-F'ka empire. The elves army that stationed on capital planet found the truth that everything they hear and know from a news and rumors is fake. So they misunderstand about Lagina-F'ka empire. So the elf leader feeling guilty but it far too late to recovery. And Lagina-F'ka empire is already collapsed. This war killed 99.92 billions included soldiers and elves.

Δ The second dark age aka shortest worst dark age

5,835+ BCE

+1 yrs After Lagina-F'ka broke apart. Many states form and start to exile longiauris subspecies out of heriam galaxy. But aliens reconcile both of them and move Elves to opposite side of the galaxy. and become single Elf state.

+3 -- 2256 yrs Human population decrease for 6 trillions due to conflict between states. And wars usually happen though this time. 

+2,256 -- 2,299 yrs Kingdom of savarah decieve every nearby states to join into its own colony. 

Δ The bright age

2,300+ BCE 

+0 yrs Kingdom of Savarah become largest human group in Heriam galaxy. It also larger than Laguna-F'ka empire. more information

+253 -- 1,284 yrs Savarian discover team are finding their true home (Terra [aka Earth]). 

+1,284 yrs They found Earth that has perfect environment for humans but it 32 billions light years away. 

+1,290 yrs Laboratory with objects from Earth leaked. And bacteria and virus from Earth infect half trillions people. And simple cold kill about 12 billions people because they don't have immune system to protect against infection from Earth but from Heriam. 

+1,290.25 yrs The scientist found the way to fight infection from Earth. 

+1,300 yrs The researchers go to live on Earth to study their culture , religion , language etc. But they need to inject vaccines before going to Earth. And there is a new subject call Terranology.

1,998 BCE  Someone bring clothes from Earth to Savarah and it becomes fashion. 

1,979 -- 1,969 BCE They catch many Earth animals specie to Savarah.

1,000 BCE They abducted some Terran to study Earth inhabitants. 

540 BCE Buddhism become popular. 

0 CE Some Romanian see Savarah's spacecraft as bright spot above the place that inhabitants call "Canaan" at night. 

33 CE Someone bring Christianity to Savarah.

40 CE Christianity become popular. 

1,995 CE They

Δ Present day (Jan/01/2020) 

It vastly unfinished now!!  

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