Once the slave race of the Thesoki, and inhabitants of the planet Thesoki.


Resembling monkeys from Earth as the Confederacy discovered, the Hurln were once enslaved by the almighty Thesoki roughly 19,000 years ago. They rebelled against their masters and freed themselves after 400 years of slavery. They now live within the Equatorial Desert in small villages.

Hurln will live a short lifespan of 12 years, and will only have one or two offspring in their entire lifetime.


With less than a million years of appearing on Thesoki, the Hurln were enslaved by the Thesoki about 19,000 years ago to build structures and mine for resources. They suffered slavery for 400 years until they rebelled and freed themselves in a short war against their masters.

Once their war against the Thesoki had ended, they fled to the Equatorial Desert and hid there for a few thousand years. They built shelters and villages to survive against the sandstorms, however, their population declined and quickly faced extinction around 16,800 years ago. What remains of their ancient civilisation has mostly been covered in sand. The grand statue of their first rebel still remains today, but eroded and disfigured.

During the enslavery of the species, a hybrid race was produced between Thesoki and Hurln, a species that lives twice as long and grows much taller than both species. It is estimated this species still lives on Thesoki, but around 750 years ago, they ventured towards the stars to locate a new home world.

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