The Huu are the native inhabitants of Chara Prime.


The Huu evolved from a large insectoid animal known as the Ifril around the year 210,000 BCE. They quickly began to spread along the shores of the large freshwater inland sea, fighting each other for dominance over the precious resources of water and the sparse plant life at the time. The Huu eventually began to spread to other, deeper parts of the world, finding new forms of plant life to consume.

Early in their history they realized that, like their small insect brothers, they could eventually consume all life if they left themselves unchecked, so they created the One Law, a binding contract made with all Huu. In essence, it requires them to eat only a certain amount of food per day and year. At the end of the year, during the harvest months, they would gather in all the crops and have a feast, gorging themselves on the plant life they'd harvested.

While almost all the Huu were herbivores, there was nothing stopping them from eating animals save for their own unique morals. However, one sect calling themselves the Return to Nature group founded a small colony near one of the southern landlocked oceans around 54,200 BCE, creating a commune where the inhabitants were free to eat meat and vegetables. This was seen as an anathema to the rest of the Huu, who by this time had a medieval level of technology. The worldwide religion, the Church of the Four Gods, persecuted anyone who was a heretic and ate meat.

Sadly, this civilzation came to an end a mere two hundred years later. By this time, the Huu had discovered interplanetary travel and had placed a small space station in orbit, but a massive asteroid struck the planet, rendering it inhospitable to life. The entire race went extinct, as did every other form of life.

The Huu were brought back, however, by the Confederacy in the year 152321 CE through the work of the Species Restoration Project. It was the most ambitious project at that time, the purpose being to restore a planet which had lost all life to its pre-destruction state. Chara Prime was terraformed, its day lengthened, and native cloned life was reintroduced to the planet. Finally, ten thousand Huu were cloned and placed on the planet near the seas of their original birth. The clones were implanted with knowledge of their ancestors without any explanation, and they began to believe that the Four Gods had given them a second chance at life. They resettled many of the old city sites and began to rebuild their lost civilization. However, these current Huu were omnivorous instead. Human

Currently, there are around 240 million Huu on the planet, at a technological level reminiscent to 18th century Earth.


The Huu are an insectoid race, with four legs used to walk on. The remaining two are their manipulators which they use to make tools. They had compound eyes similar to those of Terrestrial flies or dragonflies set on two stalks that could be moved around. They have wings that they can use to hover for a brief period in order to threaten enemies or escape attack. They have a stinger with a potent poison that can bring a native animal as big as a terrestrial elephant to its knees.

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