Hyadolen is the capital world of the Independent Systems of Humanity that resides within Triangulum.



After a fleet of daring human explorers and colonists set out into Triangulum, they found and detected a large rocky planet inside a quadruple star system. Investigating it further, the temperatures were soaring to 80 degrees celsius and an orbital period of about 15 days, they still decided to land on the planet anyway and catalogued hundreds of species of animals and plants.

Debates held back the colonisation dates, but the decision was made eventually to colonise the surface, despite its temperatures and the tidally locked rotation. By the year 49680 CE, they began building the first cities along the terminator zone, where temperatures were cool enough. Within twenty years, the cities were completed and reaching a population of nearly a million within the next 50 years.

The planet is home to the former president of the Independent Systems of Humanity, Lyra Koa. An activist and revolutionist during the Hyadolen Revolution, she became famous across Triangulum after the book the Natural History of Mankind was published in 50001.

Hyadolen is a world that has witnessed less wars than most colonies in Triangulum. Apart from the Hyadolen Civil War, it is considered the most peaceful human colony world in the galaxy.


The lifeforms of Hyadolen form a large foodchain that stretches from the seas of water to land. The nightside plants are famous for using bioluminescent lights, displaying a night-time light show. Trees composed of strange bark and hundreds of tiny leaves are scattered throughout the grasslands, almost resembling Savannah ecosystems on Earth. The largest creature is a giant octopus that inhabits the seas, hunting anything that approaches it. Sea life is scarce and the only lifeforms ever seen are squids and octopuses.

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