Hydrospaiens are an aqautic subspecies of Humans that appeared in 2607, inhabiting the seas of many Human colonies.


Hydrosapiens have come to look much different than baseline Humans. Their skin is grey, they possess black eyes, webbed hands and feet (some having fins instead).

Hydrosapien heights tend to vary, depending on which world they're on. Those in Earth's seas are around 6ft tall while ones living in deeper depths grow around 5ft high due to the increased pressure. Hydrosapiens living in Aquana's shallow waters are around 7ft high due the lower gravity while the ones in deeper levels are around 5ft. The same goes for the ones on Ganymede.

They are typically more muscular than Humans due to swimming on a daily basis, leading them to being very strong and resilient.


Hydrosapiens don't have a uniform culture since they're spread across quite a few worlds, with Aquana being their capital and having the highest concetration of them. While aware of their ancestory, many Hydrospaiens like to consider Aquana as their homeworld. Other worlds with Hydrosapiens include, Earth, Ganymede, Terranova among a few others.

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