Hyperdrive, named after the many fictional FTL technologies of the same name, was a technology developed in the year 72,099 CE by FTL experts in the Thulcandran Federation. While not nearly as fast as the Wormhole creation technology, it was considerably faster than even the fastest Warp Drive vessels.


Hyperdrive was first conceived of in 3112 by a group of scientists from the Confederacy of Humanity as a hopeful means of traversing the vast emptiness between galaxies. The consensus from the majority of the scientific community was that not only was it impossible, but that it was extremely dangerous to attempt creating a new form of FTL when Warp worked just fine. However, these scientists didn't give up and ten years later they'd assembled about ten prototype colony ships full of volunteers. The colonists set their sights on the nearest galaxy, Andromeda. All simulated and physical testing had proven promising and ten engines had been built. However, when the ship's hyperdrive technology activated, all ships vanished in a burst of intense energy. It was so powerful it destroyed the entire star system from which the colony ships had been launching. The Confederacy then banned all research into hyperdrive.

Thousands of years later it was discovered that the descendants of that ill-fated hyperdrive test mission had actually survived and had created the Novum Imperium Rōmānum. The ban was lifted at around this same time, but no one dared to attempt it again for thousands of years.

In 72,063 CE, a small group of Federation scientists petitioned their government for a grant in order to research and hopefully perfect the technology and petitioned the Confederacy for a planet near the galactic edge of the Milky Way in order to test their drives. It took two years of debate, but the Federation and Confederacy eventually agreed and research began in earnest. It took over three decades of research, but the first successful test of the technology took place on September 22, 72,099 CE, Earth date. Since then, many interstellar ships have been upgraded with this technology but also keeping the older Warp Drive technology intact as a backup. The most notable use of this drive is by the Federation and the Empire of Mankind.


The hyperdrive, unlike the Warp Drive before it, utilized exotic particles in order to tear a hole in the fabric of Space-Time and granting access to another dimension, mostly referred to as hyperspace. Within hyperspace, navigation by normal means is rendered useless, so a HyperNav computer is required to plot the eddies and flows of hyperspace.

While the "speed" used is faster than the Warp Drive, it has been known to be less than accurate. HyperNav computers must be maintained weekly in order to properly compensate for the constantly changing eddies in hyperspace. It's for this reason that most civilizations who utilize this technology as their main FTL drive must have a Warp backup in case they ever find themselves light years from their destination.

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