IC 1613, often called Little Blue, (scientifically called UGC 668, MCG0-3-70,and DDO 8) is an irregular galaxy situated in the Local Group. IC 1613 is most commonly known for its vallant blue color, which has made it a large tourist destination. IC 1613 is also quite lonely in the Local Group, with the closest galaxy being over 1 Million light years from it.

IC 1613 contains two small civilizations, the two of them being listed below.

A small Type-0.8 civilization, called the Occalians. The Occalians are quite oblivious of the Commonwealth's existence in IC 1613, and no contact has been made as of late.

A primitive Type-0 civilization called the Ohiatur. The Ohiatur are in a medieval age, and alike the Occalians, are currently oblivious to the domineering galactic force around them.

Like the WLM, IC 1613 functions primarily as a resting spot for incoming intergalactic pilots. IC 1613 also has many stellar outposts for resource mining. These outposts are regularly mining large deposits of dark matter and strange matter.

IC 1613 is about one third the size of Peleunsk, which makes it quite the lonesome place to be in. All stars in IC 1613 were catalogued quickly, with barely any outstanding features. The small amount of them, however, are truly a spectacle. The planet of Kajupto is home to dozens of fascinating sights, and Occalia is a wonder of its own, acting like a terrarium into the past.

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