IOSPH [International Organization for the Search of Habitable Planets] Is an organization founded on 2180 by Marc Salvat (Spanish), Hernic Spleitchfend (Northamerican) and Kyo Otzuma (Japan). Currently the organization counts with +560,000 people specialized on the planetary investigation and space engineering.

Foundation and History

2180, a scientists group (Marc, Henric and Kyo) went to the International Habitable Planets Exposition, Canada, 11th Jan. The most important topic of this exposition was the search of one planet when the earth were unhabitable, casually, the average temperature of the earth was 20ºC. They were talking about how to investigate planets. 2 months later, they did a search around the world for gather the most important space scientists, astronomers and other for create a big Project: make a new organization (IOSPH) and start a massive search of habitable planets.

Twelve years later, they created a new ship to orbit the sun (32 AU orbit) with the best telescope; we can see clearly the Surface of a planet in Andrómeda!

In 2214 there were 24 potent telescopes orbitating the sun around 32-40 AU, and 2 Hyper-potent telescopes (It can focus clearly a planet of a 500 millions light years Galaxy)


Currently is the 2nd richest corporation/foundation/business, with 3.200 billions $, in back of Microsoft, the 1st richest business with 3.450 billions $.

The money comes mainly by the exploitation of scarce or new resources in other planets and the Discovery of them.


Nova Gea (Potent habitable planet)

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