Ida Felle is the founder of the Cosmic Alien Database on New Year's Day 9800. She was born on Mars, therefore classified as a Martian, in 9774 and tragically died in 9901 at the age of 127. She was married for seven years and gave birth to one child: Kayla (born in 9795), who became the Ambassador of Mars in 9824.

Early Life

Ida was born and raised in a large family living in villages on Mars during the 9770's. She was educated by a tutor for many years until her father died when she was only eight. After this, she decided to follow in his footsteps and become a senator of the Confederacy of Humanity at the age of 22 after finishing university a year earlier.


She married another senator in 9794 and had one child with him, naming her daughter after her great-grandmother Kayla. Her marriage lasted seven years.

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