Ida Galaxy

Located 1.3Gly from Sol, the Ida Galaxy, also known as RG 0-8-11085255-34 (as of 0.980) is an S0 type galaxy containing around 11 billion stars, with a diameter of 42.71Kly.

Apart from its unique and striking form, the galaxy is infamous for being the home galaxy of the vile Conqrix Dominion, and is believed to be entirely under the Dominion's control. Few probes have managed to reach this galaxy, sent by the Confederacy of Humanity, though none have returned.

For the time being, and from what little reports that have managed to return to them concerning the Conqrix, the Confederacy has declared the Ida Galaxy off-limits.


Just like its sole occupants, the Conqrix, the Ida Galaxy remains shrouded in mystery for the Confederacy. However, what is known is that it was formed 10 billion years ago, and underwent rapid starburst (an explosive increase in star birth) early on in its life. Additionally, the homeworld of the Conqrix, Idaris, is known to reside there.

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