Residing in the Ida Galaxy, Idaris, also known as RS 0-8-11085255-34-7-8-16168821-603 3 (as of 0.980), is a cool class-E planet, and is the homeworld and subsequent capital of the Conqrix and their Dominion.

Very little is known about the planet, save that it came into existence 7 billion years ago. It is known to possess two major continents, both capped in snow and separated by an ocean that circumvents the planet. Small islands are known to exist in this Idarian Sea.


Forming 7 billion years ago, Idaris had water early in its life. It's not known how this water was formed, but it is speculated that a large collision deposited ice across the surface of primordial Idaris, which then proceeded to melt as the planet was forming.

Life on the planet evolved to be more complex around 3 billion years into its lifespan, remarkably early for such a planet, with animals akin to amphibians taking their first strides out of the cold oceans 2.9 billion years ago.

As the eons passed, and species came and went, the Conqrix evolved. An unnaturally violent race, with the urge to conquer or destroy, the Conqrix somehow managed to overcome their violent tendencies and developed space flight relatively early on in their history. For comparison, when the first Conqrix explorers stepped on one of the four moons orbiting their planet, humans were a hunter-gatherer species, struggling to survive on the plains of Africa.

As the Conqrix expanded into space and became more technologically advanced, Idaris was transformed into the heavily fortified capital world it is today, with four massive primary hive cities on either of the major continents.

As the Capital of the Dominion

For hundreds of thousands of years, Idaris has stood at the centre of the Conqrix Dominion, its population watching as their immense fleets of dreadnoughts and battlecruisers conquer what they can and destroy what they can't. It has remained untouched by any outside forces to this day.


  • The author of this article and those directly linked is aware and understands that the Conqrix are originally from Spore. The reference was intentional
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