Homeworld of the Katoxyn. It is located in Triangulum near the galactic core.


Ifindris is a cool J-Class world and is the fourth from its sun (RS 1190-118-7-1786021-563 in 9.7.3.). It has a diameter of 153547.1 km giving it a gravitational pull of 4 G. It has a semimajor axis of 1.02 AU and a day length of 9hr20m.

It has 51 moons, one of which is named Serenity, a human/Uathyn colony world settled after the signing of the Confederacy-Glitter Treaty of 9961. It is 10.7 billion years old.


With an axial tilt of 20°30’ and a mean temperature of -41.9 °C, the many cloud layers on the gas giant are surprisingly relatively calm. The atmospheric pressure is around 1-106  ATM.


It formed at the same time its system was formed in a similar fashion to most gas giants. Life didn’t start on the planet until an abnormal explosion of life sometime approximately 500 million years ago. Small gas balloon life forms were quick to multiply and spread across their world, moving between cloud layers with apparent ease. Over the course of millions of years many other types of lifeforms evolved including the proto-Katoxn, massive winged creatures with nearly no torso, just long twin tails and two armlike appendages with six spindly fingers on each. Their heads were shaped like those of the hammerhead shark on Earth. They had thick blubbery skin that was a mixture of blue and pink.

The Katoxyn reached sentience around 250,000 years ago and were quick to head up to see the surface of their world. Unlike their sister race, they were quick to understand the nature of the universe but due to lack of resources, were unable to travel beyond their world.

This changed around 3500 CE when a massive asteroid was caught in Ifindris’ gravitational field and entered into an orbit that skimmed the atmosphere. With primitive spacesuits the Katoxyn reached the asteroid and pushed it farther into the atmosphere although not enough to sent it plummeting to the core. Utilizing what tools they had been able to build, they hollowed out the asteroid and constructed a large starship.

With this, the Katoxyn set out to the other worlds of their system, sending more asteroids toward Ifindris in order to make more starships. They discovered life on Uathyn but as they were still planetbound decided to observe only.

The Katoxyn explored their star system for many hundreds of years before noticing how their Uathyn neighbors were running into difficulty. The Katoxyn initiated first contact and helped many Uathyn relocate to their moon.

With first contact came the exchange of technologies and ideas as well as culture. Happy to hear that their cultures were fairly similar, they became fast friends and co-founded the Glitter Territories.


Due to the lack of any sort of land barriers, the lifeforms on the planet were fairly uniform and similar to one another. The culture reflected this as there was no sense of superiority among any of the Katoxn and instead everyone worked for the common good. In this sense, they are similar to the Uathyn.


Like most life in gas giants, most are floaters that depend on either sunlight or the rich natural gases of the giant itself for sustenance. The dominant species, the Katoxyn, are omnivorous, eating other life forms as well as sustaining themselves on sunlight and the gases of the planet.

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