Igolath and its largest moon from orbit.

Igolath (RS 3833-0-7-1517518-81 in 9.7.3), located in the irregular galaxy IC 1613 is a temperate E-Class world and the homeworld of the Ohiatur.

With an estimated age of approximately 10.8 billion years, Igolath is surprisingly less populated than Earth even though the planet also has more land than Earth. Possible explanations for this are the cooler conditions of the planet as it has a mean temperature of 4.9 °C (40.7 °F). Another possible explanation could be the lowered atmospheric pressure, which is 0.52 atmospheres.

Igolath has a diameter of 10171.482 km (6320.3 mi) and a distance of 0.73 AU from its parent star, a class G7V yellow dwarf, which the Ohiatur have called First Orb in their native tongue. The reason they call their sun the First Orb is that Igolath is part of a double-star system. With a shorter distance to their parent star, this world has a year length of 257.4 days, each local day 18 hours and 55 minutes.

The gravity on Igolath is 0.82 standard Earth gravity, which helps the Ohiatur fly. Igolath also has six moons, five of which are captured asteroids and the sixth being a rather warm desert world with a small atmosphere. The moon is known to the Ohiatur as Undis and the other five are merely known as the Travelers. 

The atmosphere is tinted purple thanks to microscopic organisms that saturate the upper atmosphere. These lifeforms are the main source of oxygen for Igolath, the second main source being something like phytoplankton within the planet's oceans.  

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