Ijiuptos was the first extrasolar colony of the Shevin species.


Ijiuptos acts as a large trading hub and shipping port for the Shevins. It is essentially the centre of all major exports in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, as well as being the secondary capital of the Shev'ra.

Two moons orbit the planet, one being an S-class world and the other being a mere asteroid. Several storage areas have been built on the S-class moon whereas the other one has been converted into a space station.

The cities on Ijiuptos are enclosed in giant domes due to the harsh temperatures and are not as grand as the ones on Edana, looking more like blocky skyscrapers. Most cities are located near the day-night terminator.


Ijiuptos was colonized shortly after its initial discovery when the Shevins started to expand beyond the Aya system. It soon became their first extrasolar colony, gaining more tourists and residents after space travel advanced more.

After the formation of the Shev'ra, some communities on Ijiuptos started to riot as they believed that their first world amongst the stars should have it own government, rather than one from Edana. As time went on, the protests died down, and peace continued.

The next step was to terraform Ijiuptos to be more suitable for Shevin life. While most of the atmosphere was changed, attempts to cool down the planet failed due to how hot the temperature is.

Despite the failed terraforming, large domes with "green areas" have been built containing all sorts of plants from Edana.

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