Ikusos (1)

Homeworld of the Ehippolor.

The seventh planet in the 70 Ophiuchi system, this temperate O-Class world has a diameter of 12508 km, giving it a gravitational index of 0.7 G. It has an orbit of 1.2 AU making its orbital period 1.5 years. It has a day length of 18 hours and 23 minutes. It has an atmospheric pressure of 1.6 and a mean temperature of -21.7 °C. It has three moons, one of which is a Marslike desert. The planet has a thin ring system, most likely from a collision.

This planet is full of sea life, warm and cold blooded. There are no unicellular lifeforms anymore as the planet has evolved past the need for any. The planet is famous for being the first extrasolar planet to be discovered to have sapient life living on it. It was also the sight of humanity’s earliest disasters.

When the planet was discovered in 2069 by one of the early survey probes, the human race became excited. Ships were developed to visit this world and to try and make first contact with the sapients, the Ehippolor. Humans landed in large floating vessels and studied and tried to communicate with them. After a few months a simple communication method was in place. Everything seemed to be going well and humanity, wishing to make a show of good faith, offered them a small supply of Earth tuna. They were reassured that the Ehippolor digestive system could stomach it.

Ikusos (2)

Ikusos as seen from its moon.

Soon after, the plague began. The Ehippolor began dying in droves. They asked for human help. They found that the tuna they’d given them had been infected with salmonella. Horrified at their mistake, they worked on a cure for the Ehippolor. In a mere month they’d given them the cure and apologized. The Ehippolor were a kind and gentle race and saw the sincerity in the humans and forgave them. This incident sparked the draft of the Contact Directive (Similar to Star Trek’s Prime Directive).

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