Illara, the moon of the fourth planet of the binary Starbright System, is the most alien lifebearing world in the system. It is the homeworld of the Conytr. A frozen O-Class world similar to Europa before terraforming, all life on Illara is located within the subglacial oceans. Thanks to the temperature of their oceans, the life on Illara is slower than most and as of yet have not reached the stage of interstellar travel.


Map of Illara.


Illara formed from its parent planet's dust cloud and became one of the major moons of the J-Class world around four billion years ago. It's hypothesized that a stray asteroid containing methane-based microbial life crashed into the oceans of Illara and an explosion of life occurred in the still liquid ocean before the surface began to freeze over and seal the life within it.

Illara is the site of many research stations which observe and study the Conytr race as they develop over the course of millennia.

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