The seventh planet of Starbright A, part of the binary Starbright System, this is the most alien lifebearing world in the system. It is the homeworld of the Conytr. A frozen T-Class world similar to Titan before terraforming, this planet has a diameter of 5721.2 km (3555 mi) and a semimajor axis of 7.7 AUs, making its year around 20.5 years. Ironically it has the most earthlike day length of 1.2 days.

It has a gravity of only 0.3 G, an atmospheric pressure of 0.09 and a mean temperature of -184.1 °C (-299.4 °F). The planet has fourteen moons, six of which are major ice moons similar to Europa before the moon was terraformed, while the rest are captured asteroids.

All life on Illara is methane based and most live in the methane oceans. Thanks to the nature of their basis for life, the life on Illara is much slower than most.

Illara Map

Illara Map

Thanks to the low atmospheric pressure most life on the massive water-ice continents keep low to the ground and don’t grow like trees. Instead they grow mostly down or out.

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