Capture Ilt

An image of Ilt from Fonie 8 probe


Ilt (RSC 8476-5-4-507-40 4.D2) is the 2nd moon of Bellenx. It is classified as a warm asteroid, orbiting at 24,832.68 kilometers. The asteroid is tidally locked (Rotation/Revolution: 9 hours, 8 minutes, 54.05 seconds). There is no atmosphere. The gravity is 0.00059424 g with a mass of 0.00000000040308 Earth masses and a diameter of 0.0008236 Earth diameters. It has an approximate density of 4 grams per cubic centimeter. This density is debated due to the assumption that the moon is a sphere, which it isn't, and due to the large amount of yttrium on the moon. There is no natural water on the moon.


There is one small Bellenx colony on the moon. The colony is considered to be a failure due to the 100% atheist community, the third and last colony to follow this route as of now. The colony's original name was Paris-2 (it was meant to go to Paris, but a catastrophic issue required them to land on Ilt), but the inhabitants now call the colony Ilt-Fread. The colony was in contact with Bellenx until a mere 30 years ago. Thanks to these people we know that Bellenx's government is an absolute monarchy.

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