Ilusa (designator: RS 8409-1353-8-11843423-99 1 in beta patch 8) is a hot S-Class planet located 15 light years from Earth which was colonised during the last year of the Second Age in 2999 and home planet of the Old Order, a rebellion group formed in the same year.


After its colonisation in 2999, tiny cities emerged in the craters along the terminator zone where temperatures are warm enough to allow human life. Mining facilities were the first form of colonisation on the planet, mining material like iron oxide and rock from the surface to help with the construction of new forms of settlements, like automated farms and eventually cities, surrounded by a large dome, protecting the citizens from ultra-violet radiation, higher light levels due to the planet's proximity to the star and the carbon dioxide atmosphere with a weak pressure.

Ultimately, the Old Order was founded a few months later by Ran Tella who became the president of the organisation. Many weeks after it was founded, the rebellion had launched a series of manned missions towards interstellar space and colonise new planets to increase their reach in the galaxy.


Ilusa's surface is sprinkled in a thin layer of iron oxide, brought to the planet from iron-rich asteroids about a billion years ago. Craters, formed by the ferocity of asteroid impacts, litter the surface but, unlike lunar craters, these do not have mountain peaks at their center. The largest craters are now home to domed cities, each home to a hundred thousand citizens.

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