Its the Capital City of Elpida, and the Official Capital of the Empire of Mankind. It's the Seat of the Emperor and the Tarnos Dynasty. The city expands through 1 million km2, being the Imperial Palace, located in its center, also immensely huge and the largest building.


The city holds several palaces for all the vast number of Nobility who had to settled in the City after the Nobility War. It has a very active trading harbour. Some district areas are dedicated to Business, Finance, etc.. while others are expensive residential areas, and the further you get from the core city, the more you get to see more deprived Common citizen neighborhoods. Although most areas do enjoy a very high quality of living.

The Clone and Slave areas are full of functioning, well maintained and boring similar structures. Although, a lot of Slaves live within their owners residence, at least all dedicated to Domestic tasks, other kind of slaves like those own by corporations and those working on other fields, do live in the Far outskirts. Still, slave housing is pretty much nicer than anywhere else outside this City, made to impress.


The Imperial City was previously known as "Indara", and it was a medium-size city, until the Guardian was created. Indara was the home city of Horis Tarnos, and when he arose as the figure of the Guardian he build his rather small palace in his home city. The building was popularly known as the "House of the Guardian". Later when Hannakon I Tarnos declared himself as Emperor, he improved the Palace and the City, and made the city the leading point of the Empire, who grew exponentially. When the City was important enough, Hannakon I Tarnos changed the name and named it "the Imperial City", the name it has retained to this day.


The City's population is around 10 Billion people alone and its lightning can be seen from space. Several massive structures are able to hold this amount of population.

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