The Independent Systems of Humanity is a government that succeeded the power of the Confederacy of Humanity, however its formation and territorial regions was within Triangulum and parts of Andromeda for over a thousand years until further expansion.


First a small established planetary government on Hyadolen, now the capital world, the Independent Systems is a democracy with presidential elections every ten years. It is connected with its other colony worlds through a system of faster-than-light communications, allowing for almost instantaneous messaging across many light years. The army is something similar to the former Confederacy, starting out small but growing in size.

They have currently encountered and made contact with over a hundred civilisations in Triangulum, with them joining the Independent Systems through signing an agreement between their leaders.

They remain powerful to this day but slowly declined for a few thousand years. Without the need to declare or join a war, the government has remained peaceful and loyal to their citizens.

The most basic and required laws are given to new colonies, but eventually the colonies can establish their own laws and policies. Breaking away from the Independent Systems requires a vote in the Supreme Court.

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