Ineros, the capital of the Inerosi Republic, is a Temperate Terra in the NGC 4438 Galaxy. It is home to 13 billion sentient lifeforms from across the universe, including a small human minority.


Ineros is an E-class world orbiting an Orange Dwarf star in the NGC 4438 Galaxy. It orbits at around 0.52 AU from it's star and is orbited by five moons, four of which are captured asteroids from the early days of Inerosi space exploration. While up until recently the average temperature was below 0° Celsius, the planet has seen a spike in it's temperature following the end of an ice age. It currently sits at around 14° celsius. It is home to a Early Type VI Civilization, the Inerosi Republic.


Ineros is an ancient planet compared to many, having formed over 9 billion years ago (as of the present day IRL). Life emerged on the planet around 6,000,000,000 BCE, with multicellular life appearing by 1,000,000,000 BCE. In the year 1,000,000 BCE, the first Inerosi appeared, with the first true Inerosi civilizations appearing in the year 60,000 BCE. The Inerosi civilizations developed over the course of the next 30,000 years, but FTL travel was only attained in the year 15,000 BCE. Eventually, the Inerosi had gained control of the majority of their home galaxy, but would only begin to expand beyond it in the year 2237 CE. Towards the end of the first age, in the year 2675 CE, the Inerosi Republic made first contact with what would soon be the Confederacy of Humanity, having recently reached the stage of a late Type V civilization. The Inerosi Republic was, for much of it's history, quite friendly towards Humanity, having begun a cultural exchange as well as offering free travel between the nations. However, everything changed when The Ekrosian Guardians began their attempt to conquer the republic. The war lasted for centuries, with both sides taking heavy casualties. In the end, the Ekrosians were pushed back and the Republic gained control of the rest of it's home galaxy. In the year 14503 CE, the Inerosi Republic became an Early Type-VI civilization, where they remain to this day.


The geography of Ineros is quite varied, with deserts and jungles spanning the equator. Vast glaciers and tundras stretch north and south from the poles, with large grasslands and forests covering other regions. A large part of the planet is covered in cities, but measures have been taken to preserve the natural habitats of many of the species on the planet. There are only a few active volcanoes, however, they are only sub-glacial and are unlikely to cause any damage beyond flooding.

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Map of Ineros

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