The Inerosi, nicknamed the "timeless ones" by many species, are a humanoid species from the planet Ineros, the capital of the Inerosi Republic.


The Inerosi are a curious case in that unlike many races, they are biologically immortal. They can, however, be killed in many other manners like other races of the humanoid form. Their skeletal structure is similar to many other humanoid races, but their hands are far different from the majority of humanoid races in that two of their fingers are closer to the wrist than what is considered standard, as well as that they can move their fingers more than most. Curiously, some Inerosi are born with four arms, which is believed to be a subspecies of Inerosi that existed for almost as long as the standard ones. They have highly developed brains and nervous systems, while their arms are much thinner than the average human. They stand at around 2.01 meters and have an average weight of 66.7 kg. They have an omnivorous diet similar to many Humanoid species. Their eyes are someone more developed than Humans, allowing them to see a few more colors.


The Inerosi culture is similar to Human cultures, if a bit more complex. An interesting fact about their culture is that it sees any form of death as a step in the process of life. Another interesting fact about it is that there is no traditional concept of time for them, which could either be biological or psychological. In Inerosi society, one must always treat their elders with respect, especially if they are one of the "ancient ones", beings of unimaginable intellect who, through millennia of training, have managed to gain a vast array of psychic abilities beyond most races. It is said that Inerosi music is nothing like any music humans have heard before, with some describing it as flowing with the universe it's self.


The Inerosi, like most races, do have their own set of religious beliefs, if you could call them religious. While many races believe in a deity, the Inerosi do not worship one in the normal sense. Instead, they have the Abbey of the Universal Truth, which is a quasi-religious organization that holds the following beliefs:

  • Truth is a universal concept, a concept that can only truly be unlocked by those who attune their minds to it.
  • The Abbey is the medium for which this truth is passed down.
  • All religions have merit in their own right.
  • Life comes from the void and will someday return to it, be it a day, a year, or a millennium.
  • If one wishes to unlock the universal truth, they must spend millennia in practice to sharpen their minds and be prepared to face the worst that the universe has to offer.

Interestingly enough, several human religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, are quite popular among the Inerosi.


  • The Inerosi see time in a different manner from most races, seeing it in a nonlinear fashion. This alongside immortality has led them to be known as the timeless ones.
  • The Inerosi language is regarded as extremely difficult to learn, especially for humans. The spoken language is particularly known to be impossible for a human to speak properly as some sounds are impossible to be made with human vocal chords.
  • The Inerosi are one of the oldest races to still exist, having been a space-faring species since at least 30,000 BCE.
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