The Inerosi Republic is a nation within the Virgio Supercluster primarily located in the NGC 4438 galaxy.


The Inerosi Republic was founded in the year 303 CE upon establishing it's control of a large part of the galaxy. For much of it's early history, it focused upon it's home galaxy, at least until it was ready for intergalactic travel. In the year 2237 CE, it became a Type-V civilization, and over the course of the next four hundred years, it expanded beyond it's home galaxy, exploring new worlds and discovering new lifeforms. In the year 2675 CE, the Inerosi Republic made contact with Humans via a recently established colony that an Inerosi survey ship came across while exploring the Milky Way galaxy. This first contact with Humanity would allow for millennia of solidarity between the two races, even leading to Inerosi assistance in several wars that the Confederacy of Humanity would take part in, for instance, the Virgio War. As of the year 100000 CE, the Inerosi Republic is a Type VI civilization.


The Inerosi Republic is governed by the Senate while executive powers are given to both the President (who is the leader of the nation at large) and the Lord Protector (who is essentially the second-in-command). It has a constitution which is known as the Ineros Accords. Here is a small segment of the Accords:

  • Article 1 - The freedoms of any citizen of the Republic shall not be restrained regardless of race, gender, or species under any circumstances, whether it be a period of political upheaval or during war.
  • Article 2 - The right of citizens of the Republic to own and operate weapons within reason shall not be restricted so as to help keep piracy in check and protect the lives of others.
  • Article 3 - The right of transit between worlds shall not be restricted unless a world is home to a particularly infectious disease that can kill millions. Such worlds shall be put on quarantine until the crisis is over.
  • Article 4 - Any citizen of the Republic taken to court shall be given the right to a fair and just trial. If the citizen is unable to provide a lawyer to defend him/herself shall be provided one by the government.

Interestingly enough, there is a segment of the constitution concerning time travel which states that "If one wishes to travel backwards in time, they must be a trained scientist who understands that they must not disrupt the timeline at penalty of death.", which, while not actually a crime to be executed for, has managed to keep the incidents of tampering with the timeline down.

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