The Intergalactic Federation, sometimes abbreviated as I.F, is one of the biggest nations of Humanity, and one of the most powerful and extensive human nations in space. This nation is an evolution of the previously known Lewis Federation. The change for this was the expansion of the Lewis Federation into nearby Galaxies, thus no longer confined to the Lewis Galaxy and this event made the nation's name out of sense, so it was changed for the Intergalactic Federation. Basically the Lewis Federation and the Intergalactic Federation are the same country, being the Intergalactic Federation the continuity of the Lewis Federation.

The I.F inhabits the Herschel Space alongside other many human nations, all called respectively the Lewis Nations, since they were all original and created in the Lewis Galaxy, in which the capital of all this nations lies into.

The Intergalactic Federation has its capital in Elysium, and has some other government seats delegated on other planets, such as the national banking and treasury being hold on planet Nexon, for example.


The nation was founded as the Lewis Federation in the year 99 378 C.E (although settlement into the Core worlds started way before by 99 230 C.E) but after expanding towards several Galaxies, the Intergalactic Federation was forced to reconsider its own name and foundations to include the peoples living on far away Galaxies if the nation wanted to keep it status in global affairs and don't suffer a secession crisis in which the different world would reorganized into other smaller nations. It was then that the Intergalactic Federation came to place, with all the several candidates and Galaxies taken into account. It was founded in the year 142 255 C.E

Short time after the foundation, the first crisis arrived with the war against the Empire, and later the small war against the Union. All this wars were a testing ground for a bigger conflict that was about to shake the entire universe, the War for All. In this conflict the I.F suffered severely. It had to join forces with the Union and the Empire to drive away the invaders. Although the fighting was a success for all the power of the Herschel Space and the invaders concentrated themselves on other powers such as the CoB.

The nation traces itself back to the "Founding Planets" a set of 13 planets that were the first planets to be inhabited by war refugees and dissidents from the Empire and the Union, giving ground to the current nation as well as the previous Lewis Federation. Together they start the history of the country and form the central core of the Nation. They are the most important not only economically and technologically, but symbolically of all I.F planets.. This planets are:


The Intergalactic Federation is run by a Parliament, a Senate and a President. The Parliament is chosen by voting several large parties. The Senate is represented by the amount of population of each Galaxy, with the most populous having more than one seat, and those with less than the minimum required population, having no representation at all. Still all planets and Galaxies can vote on the Parliament Parties and the Run for President which are regarded as more important.

Population and Society

The Population and Society of the I.F is based on the growns of democracy and liberty, and the ideals of equality for all. Still, it is a rather xenophobic society that prefers to not allow alien immigration if it isn't required, and for the most part only grants citizenship to Humans. It has a caution policy towards I.A and androids as it is in most of The Lewis Nations, except for The Republic of Sion, for the fear of informatic intelligence taking over control. Still, technology and IA used are very advance, and much more than what can be found in either The Union or the Empire of Mankind. They also banned any form of slavery, cloning or drug abuse.

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