An ice giant, Iridius VIII is a frigid world known to host life, as well as being the catalyst for a number of wars.

Life on Iridius VIII originated from an asteroid which collided with the planet millions of years ago. Over the course of time, the surviving bacteria adapted to the harsh atmosphere and frigid temperatures. The current lifeforms are composed of a single, microscopic cell. They float in a strip of atmosphere near the core where the temperature is many times higher than in the majority of the atmosphere, allowing them to survive the frigid atmospheric temperatures.

Many of the organisms, in particular occulto nuntius, are under research by empires across the galaxy due to their potential as bio-weapons, as they seem to affect nearly all of the creatures which compose said empires. Due to this, the system is hotly contested, resulting in a sort of "cold war" between many of the major powers in the galaxy, as well as some minor ones.

Iridius VIII, as well as the rest of the Iridius system, is located in the distant Zeta Arctus galaxy.

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