The inhabitants of the planet Nolaxelr

Physical Description

The Iruahr are incredibly large creatures, ranging from 600 to 800 meters in length and height. They move around by inflating or deflating gasbags on their bodies to go up, down, forward, backward or side to side. They are one of the few species to have both eyestalks and echolocation.

Their bodies are incredibly sturdy, being able to endure the crushing gravitational pull of their planet as well as the atmospheric pressure. Their skin is nearly invincible, being able even to resist a nuclear blast if necessary. They vaguely resemble large turtles, with six limbs, three on each side which are used to swim through the layers of clouds that their gas bags are unable to function in. They have thick shells that hold most of their inflatable bags when not in use.

The Iruahr have a unique gift, the gift of telepathy, but their telepathy is only compatible with the Tkowes. They are capable of reaching across the vast distances of their star system and touch the minds of Tkowes individuals. Some are even powerful enough to swap their minds with their Tkowes counterparts for a brief time.

The Iruahr are biologically immortal but can be killed from accidents, such as heading too deep into the atmosphere, or from fighting.


When first discovered, the Iruahr were at the height of their rule over the Tkowes. The larger and more powerful of their species were revered as gods and goddesses. They would frequently exchange minds with their prophets to speak to the people.

That all changed 354 years ago when the less powerful but more numerous Iruahr revolted against the self-proclaimed and now delusional pantheon. This caused communication between the worlds to stop. After the war was over and the former gods defeated, the new leaders reestablished contact with their Tkowes brethren and began in helping them better their lives and technology.

Currently they coexist peacefully with each other and manage both their worlds. The global population is over 22 billion.

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