Isadanh is the homeworld of the Danuil and Roknoir as well as a member world of the Thulcandran Federation.


Isadanh is a very young world that formed around the star HIP 26837 around 674 million years ago. It's hypothesized that Isadanh once had a moon, but that it collided with another body early in its history, creating the thin ring system that exists today.

Humans first arrived in the system in 2451. At the time, it took existing warp drive technology decades to reach as far out as Isadanh was. The small fleet of three colony ships that traveled to Isadanh were meant to be a long range scientific research and colony vessel on a course to a star much closer to Earth, however halfway through the journey there was a mutiny and the ship reported back that they were experiencing engine trouble before cutting off contact completely.


Isadanh prior to terraforming, found by Thulcandran archaeologists.

The mutineers, the geneticist researchers on board said vessel, set course for HIP 26837 and upon arrival set the ship in orbit aselected a likely planet to terraform, that being the fifth planet in the system.

The mutineers forced the other researchers and scientists to begin terraforming procedures on the planet. Taking examples from the database on how Mars was being terraformed at the time, the colonists managed to use the resources at their disposal to divert ice asteroids into the atmosphere of the planet at such an angle as to level out the axial tilt of the planet as well as add water to the atmosphere.

With the planetary temperature warming, the first settlements were established on one of the northern continents. The geneticists, who by now had an iron grasp on the rest of the colonists, began performing inhumane experiments on the colonists and their progeny, altering small portions of their DNA in vitro and creating new genetic descendants of humans creating ancestors of the inhabitants of Isadanh, a mixture of simian and human DNA. They were also responsible for the creation of new plants and animals that were spread across the planet.


The location of Isadanh's first civilization.

The planet's terraforming was completed in 3371 CE, and thanks to cryoengineering, the original geneticists were now seen as gods by the new species and the terraforming crew who were forced into cryosleep with them were seen as demonic beings who the godlike geneticists had enslaved. However, ten years after the domed habitats were brought down there was a revolt. The entire complex where the geneticists had been practicing their craft went up in a massive atomic explosion, leaving the new species without their gods.

The early ancestors of Danuil and Roknoir, called the Isan by modern day scientists, spread out into the plains of their planet, not willing to head into the dark forests which the geneticists had engineered despite being proto-simian. within generations they began to regain humanlike intelligence began to take deeper journeys into the forests for food and wood as well as other supplies they might need.


Isadanh's thin rings.

The planet was discovered by a Thulcandran Probe in 3458. From there, a research vessel was sent to study the unusual race. At first, it was assumed that the natives were completely alien but upon further study the truth was revealed. As the Isan had no star travel and were basically primitives at that point in their history, the Contact Directive applied to the bioengineered race. A stealth research station was constructed in orbit and monitored the spread of the Isan.

Over the course of the next ninety thousand years, the Isan continued to slowly evolve back into a more intelligent humanoid shape. However they split into two distinct species between the year 10091 and 21506, those called the Danuil and those called the Roknoir, Danuil who fled into cave systems and gained heightened senses aside from sight.

Timelapse of the Orion Nebula as seen from Isadanh prior to its relocation.

Contact between the two species was reestablished in 110578 when a tribe of Roknoir encountered a team of Danuil cave explorers. The two species had a rocky reunion before eventually creating a tentative alliance. The tentative peace slowly became a deep friendship as the two races began to delve deeper into their world's history to attempt to explain their presence on their world.

in 110820 the Danuil and Roknoir had reached the technological level of early 20th century humanity when a fierce plague swept across the planet. killing millions in months. It was later discovered that the source of the plague was a broken vial of self-reproducing nanites which had been programmed by the geneticists as a warning to their subjects. The nanites were stored in a secret location which, unfortunately, some Roknoir had discovered that year. The planetary inhabitants went on virtual lockdown until a cure for the plague could be found.

Fearing for their safety, a Thulcandran scientist named Barber Stonn secretly aided the Danuil in finding a way to shut off the machines. However, the damage was already done. The nanites had killed over half the population.

Isadanh Map

Current map of Isadanh.

It took nearly a thousand years for the inhabitants to recover but the two races eventually unlocked the secrets of Warp technology in 129008 and were promptly contacted by the Thulcandran Federation, upon which the truth of their origins was revealed and the planet became a member world of the Federation. The planet is currently one of the more prominent ones within the Federation and was one of the star systems to become part of the Fleet of Worlds.

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