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Spelled 遺産 in Japanese and nicknamed Mini Heritage, this world (RS 8409-3586-7-117525-107 in 9.7.3.) is the second most populated world in the Confederacy.


This is the only world to be established on a bet. In 6212 a group of people from Heritage were playing a betting game. One of them, Hiroko, was so sure of herself that she bet that if one of her comrades could beat her at a game, she would go and colonize a world to be a rival to Heritage in terms of population. To her shock, she lost. Being a woman of her word, she and a large group of her friends, including the one she bet against, banded together, built their own ships and set off to find a world similar to Heritage to settle.

After a few months of searching they discovered a small world similar to Heritage but smaller and with less gravity. Being wealthy retirees, she and her friends hired Terragen to help terraform the planet by giving it an Earthlike atmosphere and seeding the Crack, the largest landlocked sea, with life. They decided to leave the gravity alone as it would be easier for them to move around in as the founders of this colony were getting old.

After staying on the planet during its first half century, the original founders left to travel into the future of their world and keep watch over the growing population. They watched as their world, like Heritage, exploded in population thanks to laws similar to Heritage.

As of 10000 the current population is over 320 billion, living in vast cities all over the planet and some even in small floating cities on the Crack. Hiroko’s gang is due to arrive next sometime in the year 10000.

Isan (2)

Map of Isan


The culture is very similar to Heritage, everyone is very free and unashamed, Thanks to the sea and actual tides, the shores of the Crack are lined with resorts and spas and such. The same goes for some of the other smaller seas.

The people are very open and friendly. Children are raised in communal crèches, the legal age is similar to Heritage.

Physical Description

The fourth planet from its remarkably sunlike star, this temperate E-Class world has a diameter of only 7161.1 km, giving it a gravitational pull of only 0.5 G. It has a semimajor axis of only 0.8 Au giving it a year of 276.9 days. Its day is remarkably earthlike at 23 hours and 21 minutes

The planet has seven moons, one of which is a temperate D-Class moon which gives the ocean tides. Along with the rest of the system the planet is 11.7 billion years old.


With an axial tilt of over 150° and 46’, the north has a winter during the summer months and the south has a summer in the summer months. The seasons are a bit more extreme than those on Earth.

The planet has a mean temperature of -3.5 °C. When first discovered the planet had a low atmospheric pressure of 0.2 but with terraforming it reached 0.98 in a matter of decades.

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