Ishtar is a temperate E-Class world and the first planet settled by Humans in the Black Eye Galaxy .


Ishtar was discovered in the year 82,060 CE by the Morningstar Colonization Mission after five years of searching. The colonists found that the planet would be perfectly suited to the Terran variety of humanity, the most numerous of the colonization effort, and so every Terran variety human landed and set up their first colony, naming it Ishtaria. It was located near Mt. Inanna which was where the Styx River formed.



The first view of Ishtar as seen from the viewport of the Morningstar Colonization Mission's main viewscreen

Native life on Ishtar first evolved around the same time Earth was being formed, just over 4 billion years ago. As Ishtar has only landlocked oceans, life was slower to spread from the oceans up onto land. The oldest fossils can be found around the Uruk Ocean, the largest mass of water on the planet. Due to the lack of water, the surfaces of all masses of water are choked with life, a green algae-like substance that provides a lot of oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere.

The first explosion of life occurred over 2.4 billion years ago, and ancient fossil records around Uruk show the first land-based life forms. As is the case with modern Ishtari lifeforms, the ancient fossils show that the first reptilian and mammalian lifeforms had only three legs. Due to the lessened atmospheric pressure, ancient life had to evolve tougher skin to block out the harmful radiation of the twin suns.

Approximately 1.8 billion years ago, there was a mass extinction event. All but the life within the ocean died out, and it would be another 500,000 years before the next generation of water dwelling animals crawled up onto land once more. There were three other extinction level events, the latest being around 400 years before the arrival of Humans.

Upon their first arrival, the colonists discovered that due to a recent asteroid collision, the normal amount of nitrogen and oxygen had been supplanted by dust and CO2. Utilizing their atmospheric scrubbers, the colonists were able to clear the atmosphere of most of the unneeded CO2 and dust. They then began to bring back the most recently extinct animals from fossil samples they discovered.

Map of Ishtar

As the colonists continued to expand, the rest of the starship bound humans began searching nearby systems for suitable worlds that would fit their biology. When the next world was discovered, the colonists all met on the largest colony vessel, the Lucifer, whereon they created the foundation for the Protectorate, which has since continued to be a governing force among the human inhabitants of the Black Eye Galaxy.


Being cooler than Earth, the summer months for each hemisphere are milder than those of Earth. The winters are mostly colder and winter storms are not unheard of. The equatorial regions escape the snowy weather.

For the most part, the seasons are regular and are more easily predictable than those on Earth.


With a population of over ten billion Terrans, the planet is not as overcrowded as many planets within the Confederacy. The central government is located in Ishtaria.

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