Isiaeor (1)

Also known as Krausis, this world (RS 0-6-229376-1349-914-7-1138689-101 in 9.7.4. beta patch 5) is the homeworld of the airborne Vionia and the aquatic Zemus. It is located in the Drake Galaxy. It was discovered in 9992.


One of the more extreme alien worlds, this warm E-Class planet is the sixth one in the system. It has a diameter of 22589.1 km giving it a gravity of 2.8 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 Au and a year length of 308.1 days. Its local day is short at only nine and a half hours. It has an extreme axial tilt of 74°27’.

Isiaeor (2)

The first images taken by the Confederacy probe sent to investigate the planet. The lights seen in the first two images are the Vionia coming to investigate

This world has eleven moons, one of which is a temperate D-Class world and another being a temperate S-Class world. Along with the system it is 12.7 billion years old.


Isiaeor has an atmospheric pressure of a crushing 8.2 ATM and a mean temperature of 100.26 °C, just past the boiling point of water. With the faster rotation of the planet and the extreme temperatures the world is subject to many large superstorms that can last for weeks.

The climate at sea level is always hot and humid while the climate where the Vionia live varies from warm to cold.


Since the planet has many superstorms the land life has had to evolve a high resilience to them, even the microbes have many more levels of protection

Isiaeor (5)

Surface map of Isiaeor

Thanks to the atmospheric pressure and the gravity at sea level, life there moves slowly but the life there is unusually strong. The point in the atmosphere where the air pressure is near Earth norm, is at approximately 2.4 km to 6.3 km above sea level. The life forms have all evolved the ability to float above the surface with hydrogen gas packs, and protection against the solar radiation and cold of space.

While there are two confirmed sapient species on the planet there have been reports of strange sightings of a possible third sapient species hiding in the surface forests. 

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