"The Brown Planet, the home of the Sacred Gift that we all carry within ourselves, and the window that opens our eyes to the universe and makes us better humans. The Holy seat of our Nation, our Capital and where our hearts, minds and souls are located" - High Priest Annik Marrash
Isso is a Terran World, and the Capital of the Union, located in the Lewis Galaxy, in the Mering System. It's also the homeworld of the parasite known as "The Gift", that all citizens of the Union carry with them. As such is also the birthplace of the Unionist religion and the core cultural center of all the citizens from the Union.

The planet is the seat of the Theocratic Council. It used to hold the Parliament, but it was later relocated into the planet Tarsus.


Isso has four Moons, known as Pannonia, Ulster, Almuk and Tarrasa.

The Atmosphere of the Planet is dense and filled with thin layers of clouds all over the planet. Deserts are non-existent in the planet and rainfall is common, especially in the equator. The most common weather throughout the planet is Marshy, misty and foggy, with a high degree of humidity.

It has also four continents: Alaskan, Ursus, Enora and Mirta.

  • Alaskan: It's the biggest of all and the birthplace of the Gift, the parasite of the Union. This continent is where it originated. The oldest remains of the parasites and its primitive ancestors have been found in the large marshes and moody lakes that make up great areas of this landmass. This continent is also the most populated area on the planet, as well as the largest of all the continents. It's known for its beauty and its mountains and has the longest and highest mountain chain. The climate is temperate in some areas but for the most part is full of big marshy and misty areas, with large forests and lakes as well similar to old Louisiana on Earth. This continent has the city of Aron, the Largest off all the cities in the Union, and the de facto capital of the Planet and thus, of the entire Nation. This city holds the Theocratic Council. Misara and Koria are other important cities located here. Misara is one of the main economic hubs of Isso, holding several important companies and industrial centers. Koria is the Main Religious centers of the Planet. The Holy Union Temple known as the Temple of the Dar-Khair is located here. All Great Theocrats chosen by the Council and ratified by the Parliament or Assembly have to present to present their oath to this temple.
  • Ursus: It's also highly populated and is famous for its coastline and its milder to colder weather. Its a popular tourist destination, where inhabitants retired to have some peace from the heat. The second biggest city, Shalakan is located here. On the southernmost area, the continent is full of rain and has some jungles. Another important city is Nova Helsinki, known for its cold weather and even snow, as well as its beautiful forested terrain. Nova Helsinki is a powerful economic city that drags its wealth from mining and extraction other crucial resources.
  • Enora: Its famous for its large marshy plains and forested terrain, usually full of foggy areas. It is full of lakes and some marshes. Further into the equator, it becomes full of Jungles as well. Enora is the main agrarian producer of the planet. The Gift was introduced in the area before the arrival of humans into the planet by infected animals travelling from Alaskan to Enora. This also happened in Ursus while the Gift was introduced in Mirta by human settlers. The Main city on this continent is Tapaulan, followed by Xilan. Tapaulan is the biggest city in Enora and is the main port of the continent with a prosperous merchant economy that takes its wealth from all the agrarian export of the continent. Xilan is located further inland, in the plains, and is based on a prosperous agrarian economy where most farmers come to sell their goods.
  • Mirta: Its made of some big islands and is fulfilled with foggy weather, some jungle areas and mist. The Main cities are Eress and Jakarta. Eress is a beautiful city, home to most of the entertainment industry in the Planet and known for its beautiful location, has a booming tourism industry as well. Lots of artist and refine cousine comes from here. But Eress is mostly known for its financial industries and informatic, with many Tarsians living in the city. Eress was actually founded and settled by some inmigrants from Tarsus and soon attracted many locals due to its economic importance, making it the fith biggest city in Isso. Thats why the city still to this day holds a strong Tarsian identity. Some say that it was colonist from Tarsus that settled in Eress in the first place and not the other way around, giving the similarities but those theories havent been proven. Jakarta is another big city in this archipielago, and is known for its fishing industries as well as his military industrial complexes. Jakarta is sadly also known though for the pollution of its factories and has being shined by the Glamour of other cities such as Eress.


The main settlers came into this planet after the revolts that shook the Empire of Mankind during the early days of its history. Many oponents to slavery, as well as human slaves that revolted seeked refugee far away from the Empire. Specially, when the empire manage to cold down the revolts and set everything into its status quo. After this revolt, the use of clone slaves began to be widespread. Thats why the settlers that came to Isso and built the Union are all Human slaves and not clones, since clone slaves were created afterwards, becoming the mayority in the Empire.

Aron city

Aron, the Capital of Isso and thus of the Nation, the most populated and main economic center of Isso.

For most of its history, Isso remained unnoticed by Imperial forces, and started to develop and grow aside from the Empire into a new nation. Soon settlers expanded throughout the planet with a subsequent booming population increase. This colonization of Isso, led to the discovery of "the Gift", the parasite that will lead to the creation of the Unionist religion and the Union as a nation state. This parasite enhanced the abilities and senses of the Humans that had it on them, and since then, all humans were forced to have it implanted on them. Some that did not want the Gift to be implanted were expelled and had to seek a new home, giving birth to the Federation of Systems or also known as the Lewis Federation.

Isso prospered and birth increased was promoted, giving rise to a population explosion during the following decades. Then, scientist from the Union targeted new planets suitable for colonization and soon a new wave of settlers from Isso expanded, being the first one Tarsus. Tarsus will later outshine Isso in economic importance, Isso would remain the Capital and the Sacred heart of the Union. From Isso the Union started to expand quickly.

Isso was hardly touched by the civil war of factions, although soon rebuilt up, but lost economic importance to Tarsus.

During the War between the Union and the Empire of Mankind, Isso was the scenario of some important battles on its system, as well as having some of its moons and planets of the system heavily bombarded and most of its scientific, research and living habitats destroyed. Still, Isso managed to repell any bombardment on its own surface expelling the Empire from the System later own. Still hardship was taken in the Union and many refugees from other Union planets severely affected settled and took refuge on Isso, putting some stress on the planet. The Economy was also afected by the war.

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