Itsuki is a temperate E-Class world in the Takanashi Cluster controlled by The Takanashi Family. The planet has a population of only 1.2 million, with every single person there either being a member of the Takanashi Family or an associate that is meeting with them at the time.


The planet is one of the more heavily guarded planets within the Milky Way, with thousands of C-Class ships and hundreds of B-Class ships seconds away. It's system has a rarely used wormhole generator that could allow for escape or call in reinforcements if need be.

Beyond basic information, little is actually known about the surface of the planet as the Takanashi's have done everything in their power to keep it that way. This is to protect the planet from spies, terrorists, or any other individuals or groups that may want to harm the planet's residents.

The current head of the Family, Kazuma Takanashi II, resides on this planet. This is true for every single head of the family since the terraformation of of this planet.



The planet was discovered in 15437, by a probe exploring what was then NGC 6624. The probe was tasked with cataloging every planet, star, and asteroid in the cluster, which tool well over one hundred years to complete.

The cluster was colonized in 15544. However, Itsuki itself was never used for colonization by the first settlers.

The Family

The Takanashi Family colonized Itsuki in 55589. It was fully terraformed in 55597.

Since then, many buildings and landmarks have been built on the planet. Virtual tours are allowed, but most of them cover only a small fraction of the extensive pathways, gardens, plazas, and forums.

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