Iusto is the second planet in the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a hot tidally locked S-Class world.


Much like its sister planet Petram, Iusto is rich in minerals such as iron, gold, and silver. Iusto is the main mining colony within the Hope System, housing the major mining colony Minière, located in the twilight area between the day and night side of the dwarf planet.

Unlike it's sister world Petram, however, life on Iusto is much easier, but only within the twilight area. Most of the dwarf planet's population is housed within the aforementioned twilight area. However, some small colonies are located at mineral deposits on the night and day side of the world.

The local government of Iusto holds major power within the Q.U.I., an organization for the betterment of Ambrosia Alliance mining colonies.


Iusto's surface is quite flat with very view mountains, hills, crater, or canyons. Instead, large dust fields dominant large areas of the dwarf planet, as well as massive salt flats.

The most notable geological feature on Iusto is the: "Crepusculum Circulum," A large artificial structure constructed by the Havenites that spanned across Iusto's twilight region and served as their makeshift colony.


Much like many tidally locked worlds, Iusto's climate depends on what side of the world is in question. The side that faces its parent star experinces harsh heats, while the side that faces away is quite cold.

In between those regions is a small twilight area that stretches across the entire diameter of the dwarf planet.


Originally, Iusto had a massive population for an uninhabitable dwarf planet of around one billion, most living within the Crepusculum Circulum. Which remains ruined upon its surfaced to this day.

Afterwards, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia would set up their own city in the vicinity of the aforementioned structure.


Iusto's culture while it was under the control of the Havenites was not very unique or interesting, as was the same for almost every world they controlled.

Now, Iusto's culture operates completely around the mining of its resources, much alike its sister world Petram.


Iusto formed around 4,795,109,000 standard years ago. Originally, it was the planet of a duel planet system with it's sister world Petram.

The small world would become home to the Crepusculum Circulum, a large ring like structure located in the twilight region of the world that is somewhat hospital that spanned across the entire circumference of the dwarf planet. This ancient city would be left mostly destroyed however due to the C.Y.R.E.X.

However, ever since they're formation the two gradually drifted apart, ultimately culminating around 3,210,005,222 BCE when the two escaped each others gravity and became independent bodies, taking with it the dwarf moon Liber.

On 532,120,467 BCE, Iusto's gravity captured the dwarf moon Fre from the Hope Asteroid Belt. Unlike Petram, Iusto was visited by the ancient Ambrosian civilizations quite often. Some abandoned mining colonies exist on the dwarf planet, along with satellites that are no longer functional.

When human colonists arrived within the Hope System they mapped out the small world, discovering its vast amount of precious metals. It was determined that mining colonies could safely and with ease be created in the twilight region of the tidally locked world.

In 10,266 CE, construction of Minière began, and concluded on 10,271 CE. Smaller mining colonies were constructed at mineral deposits throughout the 10270s.

During the First Alliance War, Iusto was mostly untouched by the conflict, however on 10,400 CE the then prime minster of Iusto was convicted for collusion with the True Alliance of Man, diverting mineral resources to the rebel group.

Surface Colonies

Minière: Overview

Minière is the capital of Iusto, it is a large mining colony with a surface area of around three hundred and seventy kilometers squared. The majority of Iusto's populace is located there with a population of around 697,000 people.

Minière: Layout

Unlike most Ambrosia mining colonies, Minière functions more like your traditional city with counties, large roads, spaceports, and military bases.

Minière receives its power from thermal energy from Iusto's core through a long interconnected complex of connector tubes across the entire colony. Constant maintenance on these tubes are preformed by automated machines.

The colony is surrounded by a large practically see-through dome like structure, four hundred kilometers in length, and two kilometers in height, that produces oxygen and standard Earth like gravity. It also produces an artificial standard day-night cycle due to Minière's location.

Most of Minière's job market belongs to their mining industry, like all Ambrosia mining colonies most citizens are miners, gathering precious metals with robotic instruments and are paid around four C-Units per hour, work an eight standard hour work day, five standard days a week, with opportunities for promotion.

Minière's mines tunnel throughout the entire dwarf planet, these tunnels are so large that entire sub-colonies have been founded within them. Some miners have made their homes in apartment complexes within some of the cavern's walls. Each one ranges in size depending on the income level of their residences.

It doesn't have designated areas for housing or businesses, instead they are mixed with each other across the entire colony. Usually a business will be separated by around sixteen houses but this isn't absolute.

It also holds large terrarium structures for produce to be grown and purchased by the colonists. Soil used in these terrariums is imported from planet Haven since Iusto's soil cannot naturally grow plant life. The surprisingly high quality of this produce has lead to the majority of the human populace to adopt a vegan life style.

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