Jalwon is a recently discovered star ( discovered 4 years ago) around 13760 lightyears from Sol, in the Sagittarius arm. It is 181.44 light years from the Eltis System. It has a relatively small system of 4 planets and 1 dwarf planet.

Its code is RS 8474-1824-6-25030-1152 for SE


Jalwon's system:

Gareo: A small pre-mercury-like planet with 3 asteroid moons.

Remolis: A hot desert sub-earth with 1 moon, Tarvin.

Elorus: Similar to a young earth, still developing life in its young oceans.

Bleon: An ocean world and a super earth. It has a large set of rings and a close orbiting moon, Nisk.

Telan: A dry pluto-sized dwarf planet that shepherds Jalwon's asteroid belt.

Other details

Jalwon spins very quickly, completing one rotation every 12.7 hours. Thus it is a bit oblate, similar to Altair.

It is only 1.48 billion years old, and so Elorus doesn't have complex life yet.

It was only recently discovered using FICFUSTIM, and so is not under control of any species.

Asteroid belt

Jalwon's asteroid belt extends from about 3.76 AU to around Telan's orbit.

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