Janazim (RS 0-8-14680728-282-7-8-16752243-1971 3 in 0.990) is a L-type planet that orbits a red dwarf star in a galaxy about 1.5 billion light years away from Earth. It is the third planet of its system, among six other planets, and the only place in the system where life has flourished. 


Basins temporarily fill up with water during rainstorms, before emptying as it evaporates.


Its atmosphere is saturated with water, raining down to form temporary rivers and seas before evaporating into the air again. The low presence of water on the surface makes survival difficult for surface-dwellers, instead the lifeforms burrow beneath to find catacombs of flowing water, which are rich in nutrients. 

A comfortable global temperature of 20 C and a low air pressure of 0.499 ATM adds an advantage to surface life. The five small moons of Janazim act like guide lights through the sky, helping creatures to migrate large distances. Gravity is 60% as strong as Earth's gravity, which allows for higher jumping and easier gliding.

It has five moons and no rings. Since there's hardly no surface water, there are no tides, instead, there is only a slight bulging in the planet's size caused by the moons' gravitational pull. 


There are no civilisations on Janazim, however, a space craft crashed to the surface 50 million years ago, loaded with knowledge of the galaxy and its countless worlds. In its 7.2 billion year history, life has become multicellular for the last 4 billion years. Its sun ages slowly, allowing Janazim to remain habitable for hundreds of billions of years. 

The Confederacy of Humanity currently has a research base on the surface. Its residents study the atmosphere, climate, weather and geology, and only number at 20 people. Plans to colonise the planet were eventually scrapped as the Confederacy believed the research base was enough. 

There is a small mining station on the third largest moon, which is managed by the research base on the planet's surface. The resources mined are used to build new probes and rockets. Due to this, the human residents on Janazim have the capability to be a fully sustainable colony, but due to a Confederacy ruling, it was denied. 


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