Jesar is the fourth planet in the Cirand-Hursel system and is administered by the Zaramorian Domain. The government is that of a home-rule republic, with different administrative sectors. Jesar is home to technical schools and universities that would rival any found on Zaramor. Technological advancements that have helped the system over many years usually developed from this small planet, as well as did methods of transportation.

Jesar is home to the human race (who colonized in 4008 CE), and had no life on the surface prior. Most of the landscape is mountainous, and there are large ice deposits which supply water to the many cities dotting Jesar's surface.

Jesar has one moon, and no rings.

Physical Statistics

  • Mass: 8.4934 x 10^23 kg
  • Diameter: 8319.00 km
  • Solar Day: 11.008 Earth-days
  • Temperature: -189.67°C
  • Rings: None
  • Moon: 1, Esroth


The colonization of Jesar was decided upon by an executive order by president Jonas Highland of Zaramor in 4000 CE. The reason for the order was due to political upset and rioting regarding the expansion of Zaramorian influence across the Cirand-Hursel system. This infighting took form in shadow campaigns, and outright fights in the cities and mining camps. It is believed that conflicting corporate interests led to such hate and violence. Once the order was signed, president Highland was investigated and impeached for going above his constitutional power. Interestingly enough, he was found assassinated by a laser blast during the inauguration of his successor, Mya Jemmon.

Because of the touchy nature of the colonization process, Jesar was colonized per congressional mandate in 4008 CE. The first humans lived under a colonial legislature and appointed a member to the United System Council as ambassador to the Zaramorian Domain. The foundations of cultivating food and acquiring water was made slowly but surely, with an uncanny ingenuity found in the colonists. Such innovation was to reward them later on. Cities were built and grew over time.

Many colleges and universities focusing on engineering and technology were established, and alumni of the institutions were later responsible for great achievements throughout the system. For instance, the first floating platform (first used on Qesboth) which could hold a city of 40,000 people was invented by a 25-year old man of the Yivvor Sector [of Jesar]. Also, indoor plant cultivation was developed by a young schoolgirl in 4026 CE.

Since colonization, the involvement of Jesar has been peaceful and quite calm. In 6008 CE, Jesarians were given status as a home-rule republic independent of colonial government from Zaramor. There have been a few attempted political coups, but all have been resolved without fighting or bloodshed.


Jesar surface 1
Jesar surface 2

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