The Jewel galaxy is an SBa galaxy located in The Alkan Intendancy. The Galaxy in its entirety is part of Seekya, a province in the Alkan Intendancy.


The Jewel Galaxy has only one native self-aware species (A Type 0.5 species called the Argents). This species was quickly incorporated into the Intendancy when the galaxy was first colonized by them in 129,671 CE.

The Galaxy is on the smaller side, with only 19 Billion stars and only a small handful of clusters and nebulae.

Like most galaxies, evidence for an ancient late Type II or Early Type III civilization exists. This civilization controlled roughly two thirds of the galaxy before going extinct for unknown reasons. Several Dyson Swarm fragments remain and a few moons are unnaturally hollow, other than that, the ancient civilization has left no mark on the galaxy.


In 186394, The Treaty of Jewel was signed, ending the War of the Ancients in the Intendancy.

The treaty had the stipulation that prisoners of war and deserters to the Alliance armies were to be deposited in the Jewel Galaxy where the Intendancy would handle the rest. It was quite a good deal for both sides, The Alliance gets to stop wasting resources fighting a small empire and caring for POW's, and the Intendancy gets to stop losing so many to the war.

Currently, there are hundreds of species residing in the Jewel Galaxy. Many of the species there are the last of their kind, with the rest wiped out during the War of the Ancients. Many are individuals that didn't want to go back to their own countries, and were given the opportunity of a lifetime to start fresh. Some were criminals that willingly got captured so they would be sent to the Jewel Galaxy. Regardless, they all call it home.

Later on, economic refugees were allowed into the galaxy as well. To this day, the Intendancy has opened up the galaxy to all forms of refugees and migrants (with a very lax vetting procedure).

DX Lorrain

DX Lorrain was a one of a kind individual in the Jewel Galaxy. He was bought to the galaxy when it was first used as a place to deposit criminals in 186395. The Alliance had no records of capturing him, but had him in custody and brought him there nevertheless.

In the debriefing period, the typical AI was unable to process his responses, so he had to see an actual person. The particular person he saw was a Werryn by the name of Dr. Kraul. He specialized in Xeno-biology and wanted to find out about any new intelligent species he could, as doing so would mean he got a significant reward from the Intendant Government. Interview Log Below (Translators were used for the interviewer, but DX Lorrain could speak perfect English):

Interview One:

Dr. Kraul: "So it says here you are from... 'The Kingdom of Humanity?" where is that?

Lorrain: "It's in the Virgo Supercluster"

Dr. Kraul: "Do you mean the... Laniakea Supercluster?"

Lorrain: "What's that?"

Dr. Kraul: *Ahem* "How many galaxies does it control?"

Lorrain: "I think 102"

Dr. Kraul: "Let's see... it says you are from the Milky Way... and you are a Kast?"

Lorrain: "That is all correct... say, what am I doing here. I woke up in a prison cell and now I'm being interviewed by a weird alien, no offense, but what the fuck is happening, man?"

Dr. Kraul: "We have no records of the Kast race or any Kingdom of Humanity besides an extinct species in the Milky Way and a fringe political party there, please tell me the truth. It will make more sense if you are telling us the truth... Mr. Lorrain.

Lorrain: "That is the truth! I have my fucking ID right here" *Lorrain produces a holographic ID quite similar to the ID from the CoB*

Dr. Kraul: *Kraul examines the ID*

Lorrain: "Look, you have to let me go! I have to fight for my country. The Zythyn won't stop attacking. You know, The Total War that's going on?"

Dr. Kraul: "There is no Total War. The war that's going on right now is the War of the Ancients. The Zythyns are good allies with humanity. When were you captured?

Lorrain: *Lorrain grew more aggravated. And stands up* "Is this some joke!? Where's the punchline? I don't have time for this let me the hell out of here!" *He tries to leave, when that fails, he tries to attack Kraul*

*A guard would enter and physically restrain Lorrain, he wouldn't talk for several more hours. He was put into a cell for several days*

Interview Two:

Dr. Kraul: "I've read your ID, Mister Lorrain, do you want to answer some questions about it?"

Lorrain: "Ok... shoot" *Lorrain is visibly shaken up. He was given access to the information net and he couldn't find anything about the Kast or The Kingdom of Humanity*

Dr. Kraul: "Thank you... so I take it that this is your signature" *he points to another signature labelled 'Secretary of Identification'* "Who's is this?"

Lorrain: "I don't know, probably one of the Takanashis, I don't keep track of them"

Dr. Kraul: "Who is the current presid- excuse me- king of the Kingdom of Humanity?"

Lorrain: "Natsuo Takanashi III... look, what do you people want? Is this a trick by the Zythyn!? Some sort of psychological interrogation!" *He begins panicking.* "Take me back to my cell, I won't talk, kill me, I will never betray my nation!"

Dr. Kraul: "You are in the Alkan Intendancy, we are not Zythyn. We are over 600 mega-light years from there"

Lorrain: *Lorrain is more distressed than before* "S-s-ix hundred M-m-mega-lightyears? Six hundred! Jesus fucking Christ! How?"

Dr. Kraul: "I thought about the possibility of you being from another reali-"

Lorrain: "I don't want to hear any more! Just stop! Just stop!" *He starts trying to break his restraints*

*A guard enters and removes Lorrain. He is taken back to his cell*

Log Analysis and Afterward

After Lorrain was taken to his cell, he found a way to free himself and he broke the cameras. This caused the nearby security guards to enter the room. Lorrain was no where to be found. His cell was on a space station, with no external breaches recorded.

Dr. Kraul was mandated to not speak about this to anyone by the Intendant Government. His report was never officially added to the databases. It is entirely unknown where Lorrain went to, or if he was even real to begin with.

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