The Jewel galaxy is an SBa galaxy located in The Alkan Intendancy. The Galaxy in its entirety is part of Seekya, a province in the Alkan Intendancy.


The Jewel Galaxy had only one self aware species (The now extinct Argents) in a type 0.5 civilization before colonized by the Ror in 10092. This species was quickly incorporated into the Intendancy.

In 189522, Intendant defenses failed against the relatively small force of Seekers sent to the Intendancy. This resulted in over 782 galaxies being lost, The Jewel galaxy being one of them.

The Argents were wiped out (as they only lived on about million star systems) and they put up stark resistance to the Norran and Seekite forces. Unfortunately for them, the entire galaxy was sterilized with Von Neumann probes, killing all but a few Ror Units.

After The Intendancy pushed back the Seekers and Norrans. They gained well over one thousand completely sterile galaxies (and another five hundred galaxies worth of refugees). This presented a great opportunity for The Intendancy as well as a huge drawback.

They had millions of Seekite and Norran prisoners, and nothing to do with them. Since penal legions, mass slavery, or anything else useful is politically unsavory, The Intendancy dumped all of the Seekers into the Jewel galaxy, gave them observer status in the parliament, and let them be.

Eventually, their xenophobic nature faded away (after many generations of indoctrination, and separation of children from the more radical parents). They were given full representative status and were allowed to participate in elections. Now, they are full citizens of the Intendancy, albeit one's still not given equal rights, but a few more generations will see them having full rights.

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