Born January 11, 2121 on Earth, this extremely bright young scientist is forever known as the father of modern time travel.

Johann was a relatively handsome man, having medium length wavy brown hair, glasses, a slight beard, blue eyes and a confident outlook on life. He was of average height for a man of his time. He was regularly seen wearing a black unbuttoned lab coat and thick smartgoggles.

He was the discoverer of Bartman's Star, the site of the first black hole time travel experiment. He had been inspired to research time traveling after hearing about the lightspeed time travel technique experiment to Alpha Centauri in 2130.

After the success of the Bartman’s Star Experiment, Johann shared the technology with the URSS but began to receive ominously threatening letter from a previously unknown extremist group called The Nameless. They threatened him with death because, according to them, time travel around black holes would attract the attention of beings who lived in black holes.

In 2145 Bartman went missing. An investigation revealed that he had been heading back to Earth for a vacation. His warp shuttle was found adrift by Ceres, with marks on it that resembled railgun fire. No corpse was found, but frozen gobules of blood identified as his were discovered. The Nameless took responsibility for his death and were never heard from again.

However, many conspiracy theories abound as to what might have really happened to him. Some believe that aliens from the black holes kidnapped him for his secrets, others believe that he committed suicide. The least popular theory is that he used the wealth he’d amassed to escape his stalkers and found a place to live among the stars somewhere. 

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