Jophtio (Also called Jofio or ジョフィオ) was a temperate S-class world in the Milky Way galaxy known for being entirely made of strange matter.


The planet Jophtio was discovered in 4599 by an astronomy team searching for exoplanets. This team noted that the planet was in the habitable zone of its star but later found it to be devoid of life.

Strange Matter

Takanashi Antimatter purchased the system in 12983. They purchased it as a Strange Matter production site and used Jophtio as its main storage facility.

During its height, the planet had millions of kilograms of Strange Matter on it and was the site of a huge spaceport. The planet employed nearly three hundred thousand individuals and was the site of millions of drones.

In 15003, a computer glitch resulted in about 70 femtograms, an undetectably small amount, of Strange Matter to be released from the storage system. Within seconds, the entire planet was consumed by Strange Matter, resulting in three hundred thousands deaths.

The Illegality of Strange Matter

This event resulted in the CoB banning Strange Matter production and mining on nearby systems. Which forced Takanashi antimatter to begin secretly producing antimatter on a nearby planet.


This planet is very dense, it is as dense as a neutron star which is about 10^17 Kg per M^3. Resulting in its very small diameter of 50 km and its very high surface gravity.

Jophtio is always glowing a bright white, because of trace amounts of normal matter reacting with normal matter sucked into the planet's gravity well.

Takanashi antimatter needs to pay billions of C-units every year to maintain shielding around the planet to prevent any strange matter from escaping.


Jophtio before becoming Strange Matter

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