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Judaism is an ancient monotheistic human religion which follows the teachings of the Torah and Talmud.


Judaism is the belief that there is a single God, known as Yahweh, who reigns supreme over all things and that men and women can communicate with him through prayer.

Judaism has three sacred texts known as the Torah and Talmud. The Torah includes the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Talmud is a book filled with all the oral traditions of the ancient Jewish people.

The third is the Tanach or the Hebrew Bible which consists of 39 books, including the Torah. It is basically the Christian Old Testament.

Judaism has thirteen basic principles of faith that were formulated by Moses Maimonides in the 13th century CE:

1. God created all things.

2. There is only one God.

3. God has no bodily form.

4. God is eternal.

5. We must pray only to God.

6. All the words of the prophets are true.

7. Moses was the greatest of the prophets.

8. The Torah we have is the same that was given to Moses.

9. The Torah will never be changed.

10. God knows human deeds and thoughts.

11. God rewards good and punishes evil.

12. The Messiah will come to redeem Israel and the world.

13. There will be a resurrection of the dead.

Judaism has many ancient traditions and upholds high morals in every part of life, whether it be business, worship or relaxing. As written in the Torah, observant Jews can only eat Kosher meats.

In ancient timed there was once a temple for the worship of Yahweh in Jerusalem and observant Jews believe that one day Solomon’s Temple will be rebuilt. Until then the place of worship is a Synagogue with all those praying doing so in the direction of Jerusalem.

Judaism has many holy days such as Passover, Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.

A central theme of Judaism is the yearning to return to their ancestral land of Israel and this is reflected in their worship, teachings and songs.


Judaism has no one founder but is a culmination of many first began when, according to the Torah, Yahweh called out the founder of the Jewish people Abram (later renamed Abraham) from the land of ancient Mesopotamia to ancient Canaan. In the course of over four generations the ancient Israelites had become numerous. A nomadic people, they had lived in Canaan for many years until a famine forced them to flee to Egypt to buy grain. The Israelites were given a portion of land to live in and they grew.

After a while however, fears of a rebellion from the Israelites forced one of the Pharaohs of Egypt (it is unknown which ones) to enslave them and they were used to build many Egyptian cities and towns.

According to the Torah, Israel was in bondage for around four centuries before Yahweh sent the prophet Moses to help free them. Moses was an Israelite who had escaped Egypt after killing an Egyptian guard for beating one of his own people. After much turmoil (known as the Ten Plagues of Egypt) the Pharaoh at the time let them go. The Hebrew people wandered in the wilderness for forty years until they were allowed to enter the land of Canaan by Yahweh.

Once they crossed the river Jordan the Israelites, led by Joshua, began conquering the native people of Canaan. Over the course of their thousands of years of history, they became a kingdom, rose to power under King David. He spread the borders of Israel. When his son King Solomon took over he began the building of the Temple of Solomon to replace the Tabernacle, a tent where the priests of Yahweh still worshipped. After that the people of Israel turned away from their God and as such were split into two nations. After many years of kings who didn’t follow Biblical Judaism as well as many betrayals on the part of the now two nations, Israel and it’s now sister nation of Judah were eventually conquered by many nations from Mesopotamia and modern day Iraq.

When the Christian faith appeared Israel was under Roman occupation and the major religion of Israel was once again Judaism. The first temple had been destroyed centuries earlier and, in an attempt to please the Jews, King Herod built a second temple for the people to worship in. However, this temple was also destroyed in 70 CE by invading Roman forces sent to suppress a rebellion within Jerusalem.

Over the next thousands of years, Judaism went through a series of many changes, especially during the Renaissance period. However, the darkest days of the Jews were still to come.

Israel had been taken over by the Muslims during the Middle Ages and as such all Jews had no homeland to go to. When World War II rolled around, The Jews experienced the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler rounded up and killed six million Jews during the war.

After the war, many Jews decided to attempt to make a state of Israel once more due to the influence of a movement known as the Zionist Movement. Aided by countries such as the Unites States, the Israeli state was soon established.

This didn’t please many of the surrounding nations however. For decades Israelis and the surrounding nations were at odds with each other.

This finally culminated in the Israeli War in 2026. The Palestinians initiated it with a strategic strike on Jerusalem. Among the damaged buildings were the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall. Both were completely demolished. The Israeli army retaliated by attacking the neighboring countries who claimed responsibility. The United States along with other UN nations stepped in to try and bring peace to the region but this only escalated the war.

The Israeli War lasted until 2031 when Israel launched a surprise nuclear strike on many major cities located in their enemy countries. This brought the counties back to the negotiating table and within six months a new treaty was signed.

With the invention of the Warp Drive many Jews wanted to try and escape planet Earth and create a haven for all Jews whether they followed Judaism or not. Their first settled world was, not surprisingly, named New Israel, the capital city being New Jerusalem which was built an exact replica of the original. A replica of Solomon’s temple was built in New Jerusalem and many of Earth’s Jews left for this new world.

The Jewish people multiplied rapidly without the opposition of enemy nations. Today with the advancement of technology there has even been a call to move the entire country of Israel off the planet and to the planet of New Israel.

There are currently 23 billion professing Jews in the Confederacy.

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