Jupiter, also known as Sky Father by Xa'Thin communities, is the fifth planet in the Sol System, and the first gas giant in the order of planets. Jupiter is currently the largest planet in the Sol System, and this factor has made it one of the most inhabited planets in the Sol System. As of 200000 CE, It has 79 moons, the four major ones being the Galilean moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, all of which are now living worlds. It also has a ring system.

As of 200000 CE, countless floating cities are currently flying through the clouds of Jupiter, and

Each city was surrounded by large domes to create a stable atmosphere, and a sort of mini climate.. Thanks to the recent advanced research in antigrav technology more cities are being built and older cities are being refitted with the safer technology.

Because of the precarious nature of dirigible cities, 20 billion people live on Jupiter, despite this, the largest and oldest city, Zeus, only has around 90,000 people living on it. There have been discussions throughout the interplanetary community to terraform the planet by building a massive artificial surface around the same level as the artificial cities and creating a warm atmosphere as well as super-continents and immense oceans. 

Around the same time that Earth was receiving rings, the inhabitants of the Jupiter lunar system also asked for new rings to be added to Jupiter similar to to the ones of Saturn utilizing similar technology.

Jupiter is the home of The Red Spot restaurant franchise.

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