The intelligent species of Ghunno.

Physical Description

The K’weeeyyuu are massive sea dwelling creatures that live deep in the ocean world. They are rather light sensitive so the only time when they would ever surface would be during their world's night. Looking somewhat like a plesiosaur but with a thick wide tail, two powerful back flippers and two front flippers that managed to evolve into three prehensile digits which early in their history they used to catch their food, this species quickly became top of the food chain.

They are an omnivorous species with an emphasis on meat. Their bodies are very sturdy and adaptable to change for some unknown reason. It's believed that in their distant past before the planet was flooded they lived on the sunken land.


Their language is a mixture of clicks and long drawn out tones. Despite an extremely short year they are a very patient species, speaking long and politely as well. Their history has been passed down through legends and what they call the Eternal Song.

They were always a curious species and early on took interest in the night side, especially the stars and the three moons. They fashioned astronomical instruments out of some of the body parts of the local predators.

With the help of their neighbors the Nok’Chu-Raa they have settled other life bearing ocean worlds within their star system.

K’weeeyyuu live to be around 130 standard Earth years old. Currently the K’weeeyyuu population is around 22 billion spread across three ocean worlds as well as a few water filled asteroids.

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