The Kal Federation is a satellite state of the Tloinan Empire located in the Grinfulo Galaxy.


The nation was founded in 94000 CE in response to the overprotective of DELYATU. A force of three billion Vlanoans hijacked several thousand ships and fled through a recently constructed wormhole to the Grinfulo Galaxy. For about a century they began to build up their civilization, using the technological advancements of DELYATU to expand and settle worlds incredibly quickly.

The Kal Federation created large fleets for terraformation and construction ships to rapidly expand. The faster they expanded the harder it would be for DELYATU to take them over. They hoped that it would be too difficult to be worth it.

DELYATU would never actually intervene. It wanted to see what would happen with a galactic civilization without an AI overseeing it and allowed it to continue.

Tloinin War

The Kal Federation participated in the Tloinin war with a modest fleet of about 100 Trillion (most of which were cheap battle drones). Most of the fighting happened in and immediately around the Tloinin Galaxy, so the Grinfulo galaxy remained unharmed. However, the entire fleet was destroyed and the Vlanoans lost several million soldiers.

Post-Tloinin War

After the Tloinin War, The Kal Federation was slowly absorbed into The Supreme. The Supreme influenced elections, placed candidates, and influenced politicians already in office. Before anyone knew it, The Kal Federation became a puppet state. Even to this day, the citizens of the Kal Federation have no idea that they are secretly controlled by The Supreme.

Once complete control was established, The Supreme began investing in the infrastructure of the Grinfulo Galaxy. Today there are hundreds of factory planets and several SSPGDs around various blackholes in the galaxy. This Grinfulo galaxy is the main production facility for The Supreme.

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