The computer analysis of the planet.

The Isvoy comes across many unfortunate situations in her mission of exploration.  Kar'tise (RS 8411-3-8-1024702-1241 2 in 0.9.3), in the Small Magellanic Cloud is one such example.  Scientists aboard the ship, after an exhaustive 2-week survey found that the world was once home to an advanced race, estimated to be Late Type II on the Kardashev scale.  An accident with balancing their stars output however, caused a chain reaction that resulted in the star throwing off its outer coating due to too much extraction, leaving a DQ9-class white dwarf.


A destroyed world.

The plasma wave irradiated Kar'tise and killed all life on the planet, and nearly stripped it of its atmosphere.  Any ships in the vicinity were destroyed as well.  The tenuous atmosphere that is left over at 0.0009atm could never support life.  It has turned into a cold, lifeless ice world, and serves as a warning that all civilizations, no matter how advanced, can make a crucial error in judgement.

Remnants of cities on the surface told a harrowing tale of futile attemps to evacuate the planet, before it was too late.  Even a well-protected underground bunker was doomed.  Although it survived the initial radiation blast, all life being eradicated meant that it recieved no more shipments of food.  Within 10 local years, everyone that fled to the bunker was dead.


The surface of Kar'tise, showing a fracture line where the crust buckled under the enormous stress. Once there was a city here, but centuries of moon fragment impacts have ground it into dust.

Looking elsewhere in the system, more clues of the demise of a planetary system became evident, such as Kar'tise itself having had a moon, the remnants of which is a narrow ring system around the planet, asteroids that are still irradiated around the two gas giants in the system (1, and 6), and the presence of an automated S.O.S. beacon that somehow survived the plasma wave.

The White Dwarf is so dim even at this distance, it can't even light up the tenuous atmosphere around the planet.  A sobering reminder that even the most good-intentioned deeds can misfire, and when they do, devastation is the result.

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