Karviq Athus is a S-Class Moon orbiting the gas giant Makarviq in the AE Normandia system. During the Fornax War, the remnants of Federation forces which was defeated on the Battle of Halfred retreated to this moon and fortified themselves on it, creating a now-permanent military installation on the moon.

Battle of Karviq Athus

After retreating from Halfred, the scattered human forces regrouped on Karviq Athus and constructed fortresses and bunkers in order to defend themselves from the Molkor. Within a month after Bisydu fell, the invaders detected their presence and attacked to curb any possible guerilla warfare bases. Within a short period of time the moon was captured and forced the remaining soldiers, now numbering merely a million troops, to disperse into the stars or retreat deeper into confederate territory. In turn the Molkor occupied the constructed forces and used it as a military base to support their newly-acquired industrial center on Bisydu. The moon was not retaken until the Molkor was defeated at their homeworld, just like Bisydu.

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