Kavla (RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4 in .980) is a warm oceania and home to the Th'ega (Roughly translates as "Children of Kavla" in the planet's most popular language, Kail), a early Type-I civilisation. It also serves as the capital of the Th'ega Federation, a small collection of semi-autonomous colonies. The planet is located in a globular cluster above the Milky Way's galactic plane. Its atmosphere is composed of a mix of mostly CO2 and large amounts of SO2 and O2. The Th'ega population on the planet is approximately 9.4 billion, spread across a few dozen floating cities that extend down to the seafloor unless the terrain is too unforgiving.

An image of Kavla taken from a Th'ega satellite.


Kavla orbits an orange dwarf in the K2.6 V spectrum (RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B in .980) called Ochi'an. Its year is roughly 105 days long with a semimajor axis of .4 AU With a rotation period of just over 14 hours, Kavla has a higher mass than Earth of 4.72 Earths giving it a surface gravity of 1.6G. It differs from most Earth-like worlds because of its atmosphere composition. Carbon dioxide is the dominant gas in the atmosphere, making up as much as 44.8% of all the gases present. Oxygen comes up in second at 38.6%, with SO2 following behind at 16.4%. This mix makes the atmosphere toxic to humans unless they are genetically modified to the environment, which may be possible with upcoming Kavlan technology.


As of 200,000 CE, the Th'ega are experimenting with genetic modification to try and extend their lifespan and to allow them to live in a wide range of environments. Since making contact with the Confederacy of Humanity, most scientists on the planet are trying to genetically modify many of the different species that make up the Confederacy in order to make them resistant to the mostly toxic atmosphere. The Th'ega reached their equivalent of the Singularity only in 198,378 CE and have since developed a rudimentary version of the warp drive. They have formed outposts on some of the other worlds in their system, most notably on Kavla's largest moon Eredon (link coming soon!).

An image of Eredon from orbit

More information can be found on the Th'ega's page under the 'Technology' section

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